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January 31, 2004

2003 Eclectic Schwarzenegger Links

schwat.jpg$1.25 million agreement to buy all copies of "Pumping Iron"

14215 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades

Achtung Baby

A little doobie for the "Governator"

A Portrait of Arnold as a Young Art Object , a 1977 Brush with Fame NPR interview - 11/18/03

Ahnuld T-shirts (From "Gegenwelt" - 9/03/03)

Arnie's Pizza Store - (Sophomoric)

Arnie Travels to China by Ron Gluckman - a roving reporter based in Beijing - 12/10/03

Arnold Could Learn From Bachchan , India's Movie Star-Politician - 10/11/03

"Arnold is coming" (Funny) - 8/22/03

Schwarzenegger Sound Boards for your entertainment (Turn up your speakers!)

Birth Chart and Horoscope for Schwarzenegger

Did you know that Schwarzenegger is a cousin by marriage to the former mayor of Carmel ?

sch2.jpgDreaming Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Flabby-Mann!" - From "I'll be back" to "Oh, my back" - 9/7/03

Four Word Film Reviews

Governor Steroid, a strong Anti-Arnold site - 10/1/03

Gray Davis-to-Arnold morph!!! - 8/15/03

"Gropinator" blog - 1/8/04

Hercules in New York - Part 1 and Part 2 - "A rare gem on the black sands of Hollywood's forbidden beach of B movies" - 1/3/04

"I can't help thinking how Arnold Schwarzenigger's life would be different if he was born a poor black man"... - 9/25/03

IMDB's Bio

Impressive line-out of the Schwarzenegger administration's Transition Committee - 10/1/3/03

Laughing Austrian celebrities CD helps treat Depression(From "Attu") - 11/1/03

M47 tank is Arnold's prized possessions and is on display at the Motts Military Museum (See inside) - 11/16/03

Milk is for Babies - 1/25/04

Mount Schwarzenegger - 10/16/03

Movie One-liners . All the good ones: After shooting some bad alligators: "You're luggage", more - 11/28/03

"Qui" - The Interview

"Rotten" August 2003 Bio

Rotten Tomatoes Average Tomatometer - 50%

"Schatzi" on Main , Arnold's Restaurant

Schwarzenegger Finances

scha1.jpgSelling Genki Drinks on Japanese TV

"Something Awful" Arnold Photoshop

"Strong-arming the Hollywood Press" from The Columbia Journalism Review (Originally at the January/February 1991 issue)

The official "Join Arnold" website (Caution: It hijacks the browser)

The Onion is so dead-on, it's not funny any more... "SACRAMENTO, CA
Political observers are struggling to understand exactly how, on Oct. 7, an Austrian-born, movie-star muscleman with no political experience, was elected to govern the state of California, the world's fifth-largest economic region...." - 10/26/03

Today's Inaugural Address of California's 38 Governator . Good Job, Detective John Kimble ... - 11/17/03

Top Ten Schwarzenegger Campaign Promises - # 6: "Seek advice from elder political statesmen like Jesse Ventura"

"Total Recall" Gear and Total RE-recall (Was available on 7/10/03!)

"We Love Arnold" From the same misguided slackers who brought you the "We Love The Iraqi Information Minister"

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