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February 01, 2006

Bad cheese!

Head_cheeseBreaking news! Authorities seized 600 pounds of "bathtub cheese" from a small ranch in southwest Riverside County last week. The seizure of the illegally produced cheese was one of the largest on record in California, according to the Department of Food and Agriculture. Oh my God, Bathtub Cheese!

Fire hydrants photographed in and around San Bernardino, CA

Desert Christ Park, Yucca Valley, is the only place in the world where you can be a participant in The Last Supper

60s and 70s Vintage photos of Riverside International Raceway. (From Frank Sheffield, a former RIR corner worker)

Benedict Castle, 5445 Chicago Avenue, Riverside, and other Castles in California and the US

The Sweeney Art Gallery, UCR

Bonus: Arabesque Nº 1 and some additional mp3 by Debussy

Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino Counties and about Orange County Here

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September 13, 2005

Just like Paris, Texas, only weirder….

Magnolia_ave_riverside David Lynch’s new movie, titled “Inland Empire”… Just like Paris, Texas. Going to be weird…

Neglected graves at the old Evergreen Cemetery on 14th St. Locally-famous Politicians buried there

Why we are always late: The 60/91/215 Interchange, currently under construction. Traffic map of local freeways

The big San Bernardino Fires of 2003

Impossible Synthesis. William Amos Haines' Early California Residential Panoramas

Local Riverside artist Jeff Soto

We sell many apartment buildings in the High Desert. Here’s an interesting (typical?) personal ad from Apple Valley there

San Bernardino as seen in Space. (From Google GlobeTrotting)

Of interest only to local builders/developers: Riverside County Economic Development Agency

Route 66 University

Riverside Census date, for the curious

Some local blogs: Jane Loves Tarzan, Bipolar, an ex-smoker & ex-addict, there's always a bump in the day, Life of Robert from Redlands, Geekthug and The Sound Booth

Breaking news! Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings From New Orleans Corpses' Teeth

Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino Counties and about Orange County Here

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April 24, 2005

People share their one-of-a-kind collections by opening museums

Baptist_college Frank Zappa sings San Ber'dino. (From Zappa ‘Chalk Pie’ - unreleased album)

Located halfway between the glamour of Los Angeles and glitter of Las Vegas (and just off historic Route 66), Exotic World is the only museum on the planet exclusively dedicated to the art, artifacts and stars of Bump & Grind's Golden Age.

The California Route 66 Museum in Victorville (Next door to the 8-unit building we just sold. From a Press Enterprise story)

The Fox Riverside Theater in downtown Riverside, where the sneak for "Gone With The Wind" had its first public showing

From FUH2, a vehicular mishap, across the street from my house, by the La Sierra University here in Riverside

Parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino

Freecycle in Riverside, a community-based forums where people give (and get) stuff for, well, free

One of the oldest local blogs: The Orange Empire of Southern California Weblog

Palm Spring Live Cam

Craig List for the Inland Empire

Photo above of the Baptist College here in Riverside. Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino Counties and about Orange County Here

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February 11, 2005

Historic Riverside, some local links

Church_riversideMoments in Time: Images from San Bernardino County’s past. San Bernardino High School Brass Quartet, 1942 from The Historical Treasures of San Bernardino and the San Bernardino Oral History Project

3rd Place winner of Best of Still Photojournalism 2004: Pathologists and coroner technicians at the Riverside County Sheriff Office. By Mark Zaleski, The Press-Enterprise

Genuine Fruit Crate Labels from Redlands and Bryn Mawr

Bus 19 was in Temecula last week. Dark Overlord - Temecula, California (The World From An RC Airplane)

Operational Statistics for KRAL, Riverside Municipal Airport

Apartment buildings in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The nicest area in old downtown Riverside: The Wood Streets

From The Urban Dictionary: "Do you live in the 909? Is your truck parked on blocks in the driveway?

Redlands Historical Museum Association

The Hermit Poet, a blog by a Canadian poet- Graduate student at UC Riverside

Breaking News! 'I helped Goering escape hangman' A 78-year old man from Hesperia claims he smuggled in the poison that Hitler’s henchman used to kill himself. Also: Local Colton man dies from mad cow disease

Cemeteries of San Bernardino County

I took the photo above yesterday. This unusual “Church of God of Prophecy” stands at the corner of Archer & Kennedy, in the rural part of Pedley, north of the Riverside airport. It belongs to a different area and a different place. Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino Counties and about Orange County Here

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November 07, 2004

Blogs from Riverside, California

Here’s a first batch of local Riverside bloggers. You’ll notice that quite a few are legal and/or right-wings blogs, just like the county:

How many political blogs will go dormant now? From Raincross Conservative

Legal Damnum Absque Injuria (Damage without injury, I guess)

Get off my Lawn

How Ukrainian are you? From ”Window Manager”

Right on the Left Beach - Throwing away any chance of becoming a judge

Pops' Bucket, stay-at-home-dad

Do you smell BBQ? from Mudwhistle

Overcoming reticence

Tan Horizon

Also, Riverside and San Bernardino Telephone Directories

Breaking local news! Vengeful Waiter Vandalizes Couple's Corona Home: A family who angered a waiter at the local Sizzler restaurant later was served a gallon of maple syrup, raw eggs, and rolls of toilet paper across their lawn

The Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage. (From ”Fwak Blog”)

Problems with the touchscreen voting machines in Riverside County

Photo above is of the two new members of our Champion Real Estate Team, Robert Dubuisson (Son of Lee, as Jesus) and Carmen Rubio. More Local Links About Riverside County and about Orange County Here

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June 27, 2004

Flabob International

Flybob_airport_rubidoux Last week we listed & sold a triplex in Rubidoux, a sleepy suburb of Riverside. The old building we sold was only a few hundred yards from Rubidoux Flabob Airport, the tiny local airstrip that boasts the Flabob Cafe and that strange biplane installation in front of it…

Rubidoux is bleak. Its Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre is one of the only two drive-ins still-operational in Southern California. Here’s “Soo 54”, Business Car 'Mt. Rubidoux' from “The Orange Empire Railway Museum”

The Kodak Brownie collection at the University of California, Riverside Museum of Photography. The Sherman Indian Museum

1986: The Riverside Prostitute Killer

Landmarks in Riverside from Helen Sanematsu

Fighting the miserable traffic on the 91 Freeway

The majority here rent. Here’s information about Riverside Apartments & Rentals

The Economic Development Division of San Bernardino County

Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino and about Orange County Here

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May 10, 2004

Moving to Riverside -

Riverside_mission_inn In the last few months, I’ve been driving every day about 25 miles away to Riverside, where we just opened our new Champion Company office. For some reason, I never bothered to get acquainted with this charming city before. As I get to drive around the city now, I am delighted to discover its many old-fashioned, beautiful neighborhoods. In the near future, I will be adding many local sites to describe Riverside’s appeal.

Two weeks ago, Riverside was named “one of America's best places to live, work, and play” in the mid-sized city category, and together with San Diego, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Ventura, one of five in California. Here is a City of Riverside Pictorial .

Here are some Local attractions: The very first Naval Orange tree that was brought to California in 1870 from Brazil, and which started the whole citrus industry in the state, is still standing at the corner of Arlington and Magnolia Avenues, one block away from our office. The magnificent historic Mission Inn in downtown Riverside, a few blocks away from our office!

A short History of Riverside.

Neighborhood Exhibits from Shades of Riverside

The Wyatt Earp Society in the city of Colton, Riverside County

Perris Valley Skydiving

Riverside County Celebrations: Orange Blossom Festival and The National Date Festival

Riverside Stamp Club

New home construction to be a big boon to Inland Empire: The largest economic and job-creation impacts of new-housing construction in the state last year occurred in the Inland Empire…
Home building generated $10.82 billion in economic activity and 109,600 jobs for Riverside and San Bernardino counties in 2003, the Sacramento Regional Research Institute reported. Additionally, nearly 40,000 new homes were constructed in the same period…

Local controversy over the construction of the Hindu Temple Project in Chino Hills. The position of the Swaminarayan faith organization

Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino and about Orange County Here

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January 31, 2004

2003 Eclectic Links about Corona & Riverside

Riverside9 Coronas - Turn up your speakers!

Brad Nickerson Corona Guitars

"Corona Beauty", Genuine Citrus Label (From Crate Labels )

Chris & Tammy Duncan , our clients' wedding site - 9/13/03

Crate Labels from Sunkist - 10/29/03

Frank Zappa recording studio site on 8040 Archibald Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga. (More on Frank Zappa Here ) - 10/21/03

From "Imagiverse" - Robotic design, Mars Exploration, Montessori Schools, International Knowledge....

Gerald Dickens to Attend the 2003 Riverside Dickens Festival ...

Goose Hunting (From Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprise ) - 10/11/03

Historic American Engineering Record - Dig in these terrific drawings & photographs (From "Built in America" )

Historic photos of Riverside, California - 12/26/03

Idyllwild Art Links at "The Green Cafe" - 10/25/03

Key Facts about Corona and about Norco

Last week in San Bernardino - 10/26/03...

Later known as the "Smith-Corona"

List of books about Riverside County

Modern Corona Gallery (From the gorgeous Orange Empire of Southern California)

Ninety-One Freeway Gridlock Report (The latter, from Adam Cadre)

norco.gifNorco cartoons by E. L. (Ev) Cheney, local cartoonist and Photos of Norco, California and its Citizens

Norco HorseWeek 2003 from "The Saddle Sore Riders" - 10/11/03

Pomona Student Folds Paper in Half Twelve Times

Predicta Corona, a Telstar Original - 10/13/03

Riverside - Mario's Restaurant , the "world famous" Mission Inn Hotel and host to many movies ... - 12/28/03

San Bernardino Economic Development Division - 12/16/03

Science of Mind, a philosophy, a faith, a way of life - 10/11/03

Smudge , Tristan and Sudya , The cats at the Library of the University of California, Riverside (From Library Cats )

The Baha'is of Corona

The Corona Constellation

"The Great Team" - Real estate right here in Corona

Toyota Corona Thrasher

UCR Pipe Band

US 91 Photo Album

Who's who in the Inland Valley - 10/21/03

Woodbridge Homes - South Corona Luxury

Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino and about Orange County Here

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