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July 10, 2006


Judge_donald_thompson The Cup Prank. What $40 in cups, a lot of free time, and motivation for a prank get you. 2040 cups were purchased, but about 100 went unused due to some scares and some rushing at the end.
All the cups are filled with varying amounts of water, making cleanup extra annoying.
Cups were stacked atop doors and other high to reach places. Etc. (From Idiot World)

News 14 Carolina gets pwnt

The usual suspects

Russian Practical Joke

German Water Trap. This will make you think twice before jogging in the woods again

3-way telephone prank call between two chinese food restaurants

Re-post: "Changed Priorities Ahead" signage hacks

Rotten eggs - A Social Network for Pranksters.

Breaking news! Not a prank. A photograph of Mozart’ wife has been found!

(What about that prankster judge from Oklahoma above? A real kidder, eh?) Many More Hilarious Pranks And Outrageous jokes Here /// Digg this post /// Add it to your del.icio.us

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June 20, 2006

How do you say “Good morning, here’s your heart medicine” in Japanese?

Human_vegetable Extreme Japanese Wake-Up Pranks

Anytime you see a house listed FSBO at over $200K below market you gotta wonder what’s going on. This particular one on Craig’s list was just down the street from my home so I decided to take a look. Serious buyers only please

Please sign a petition to end women's suffrage

The Firecracker Prank

What is the heaviest object that would fit inside a standard letter-sized envelope? I need to find the heaviest object or material I can put into an envelope. It needs to be heavy, flat and cheap. It should also be easily obtainable. The atomic weight of Abevigodium might be 98379, but if I can't find it at Home Depot it's not going to help. I want the end result to be an envelope so heavy God himself would need to stop and catch his breath on the way to the post office

The Great Rose Bowl Prank of 1961

Saving corporate executives from the effects of global warming with Halliburton’s "SurvivaBall"

Repost: This is a human farm. Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a vegetable? People actually become vegetableized… They are planted in the earth… by Coyle & Sharpe

Story & photo of Qiao Yubo’s Super-sized belly were a prank unfortunately…

Piano found on top of mountain. Why was it there?

Cartoon above by Andy Singer. Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here /// Digg this post /// Add it to your del.icio.us

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March 26, 2006


Open_fly_zipper A cruel practical joke with a high-tech twist: How does it feel to have the Winning Lotto Ticket?

"We got your wife here. She says she loves you very much." Two new Improv Everywhere missions: The Suicide Jumper and Meet a black person in Aspen, CO

How embarrassing for you on your first day! Did you walk around like that the whole time?

Australian Train Sign

Car prank. (This is the kind of thing my dad would like)

Tech Pranks, from Sync

The Polaroid Prank

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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December 15, 2005

Head Box Study

Waterbed_prank_1 In the sense of the war on Terrorism, who do you think should be the next county to invade? On The Streets Of America. Italy! Sri Lanka! Cuba! Iran! Israel! North Korea! France!


There’s no question that the transition to a headless society will be physically challenging, but we must also take into account the pyschological impact on the bodiless patient and the caregiver. To this end, we created the Head Box

Dude's Fish Store at 1600 Amphiteatre Parkway in Mountain View, CA. Yahoo Maps pranks Google. Also, Google's dentist

The new Mp3 Experiment from ‘Improv Everywhere’

Breathtaking bravado foils speed camera

Spoof signs

'I Will Eat Your Dollars' To the cyber scammers in Nigeria who trawl for victims on the Internet, Americans are easy targets. But one thief had second thoughts

Last fall I visited the University of Manitoba armed with homemade wooden frames. The result was framed wonder of the everyday.

I am on vacation and am possibly writing on my new Moving to New Zealand blog. This item had been pre-posted for your enjoyment.

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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September 10, 2005

MIT Gallery of Hacks

Exploding_head Sports yakker John Dennis obviously never heard the old adage: Don't write when you can speak, don't speak when you can nod. And never, EVER leave a threatening missive on a radio rival's voice mail because they'll just replay it for their pals. (From ”Cruel Site of the Day”)

The first entry on the Hurricane Katrina survivor list is none other then Mr. Jablome

Car on the Great Dome (1994). From The MIT Gallery of Hacks

Cruiseship Bible Marketing: “To quench your thirst for righteousness, Celebrity Cruises is pleased to provide this copy of the Holy Bible. Please note that, for your convenience, we will automatically bill $19.95 plus 15% gratuity to your Celebrity Sea Pass, should you choose to open or read this book. Thank you. Celebrity Cruises”

The Ultimate List of Practical Jokes. From “The Chinese Fire Drill” to “The Vaseline Between Toes”. Also, Wikipedia’s List of Essentially Pain-Inducing School Pranks

“A rotten trick” - Update, regarding post from yesterday: 'Fruit salad' tree hoax exposed

Mind Molester

Ever wonder how to hack an elevator?

Fool your co-worker with “mischievous” computer gags. Bluescreen screensaver

Go Signs. (From ”Altered Books”)

Re-post: 1030’s Initiation Pranks from The Masonic Museum

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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June 30, 2005

Office pranks on the increase

Irony To all office kitchen thieves. “I bring in my own half and half for my coffee because the office is too cheap to supply it any longer, and many of you on several occasions have used mine without asking, without replacing, and almost always putting it back in the fridge empty or near empty. You will now suffer some of my wrath in the following manner”…

Eugene Mirman’s Anti-gay Phone Hassles

Magnetic bumper "sticker" Pranks

Medical Scam Alert. Ladies: Be on the lookout for this breast exam scam. Let me repeat: This is a well done scam, so don't fall for it

Fake Lottery Tickets

Sunnyvale traffic signal prankster on the loose

How to Disappear Completely

Unrelated: Nudists on the beach!

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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June 01, 2005

Improve Everywhere

Bono_on_rooftop “Back in January, U2 announced the dates of their “Vertigo” world tour. I contemplated trying to purchase tickets for the gig at Madison Square Garden. I was a big U2 fan growing up, and MSG is right across the street from my apartment. I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the steep ticket price. As I was thinking about the show, a few things occurred to me:

- U2 is playing right across the street from where I live.
- I have rooftop access at my four-story apartment building.
- U2 is famous for playing on rooftops.

It seemed obvious that “U2” would have to play an unannounced gig on my rooftop an hour before the doors opened at the Garden…”

Elsewhere: Prank call from PES

This just in: Newsbreakers

The Olympic Underwear Relay from the Museum of Hoaxes’s Hoaxes Throughout History: Before 1700

Repost: Small Ads from the UK

Bad Psychics

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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April 02, 2005

I can’t believe how transparent and ill-timed was my attempt at pulling a prank yesterday…

Momento Sorry about that. I’m so isolated; I was actually thinking it was brilliantly original when it came to me…

Here you go - Knock yourselves out:

Synchronized Swimming at The Washington Square Park fountain, and The Fourth Annual No Pants! Subway Ride , from “Improve Everywhere”

There's Someone at the Door For You, He Says He's From the Future

"I have an announcement. It's someone's birthday today, Eliot Spitzer. Where is Eliot?"

How many shoes in the store? The Prince of Darkness wants some souls. (From ”Happy Scrappy”)

Urgo’s massive list of Site that pulled April Fool's jokes for 2005

John Hargrave’s The Viagra Prank and what happens when you’re taking Viagra in church

Releasing The Prisoners: The Top 10 Worst April Fool's Day Hoaxes Ever

Exotic Plants. These signs were up at Thrifty Drug & Discount for three days before they were finally removed

From "Astronomy Picture of the Day": Water On Mars (Originally posted here on 3/8/04)

Google April Fool’s - Search everything related to April Fool's Day

Boring Boring - A directory of dull things

How to Mess Up a Seven Eleven

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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February 27, 2005

Frighten your garbage man

Cooking_baby_1 Wanted: 30 Chinamen and a Zeppelin

Get your I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers, and spread the joy around

The Garbage men Prank

Disco in an elevator

The 1810 historic Berners Street Hoax

Super Mario Bros. was an inspiration to many of today’s computer engineers. In celebration of Engineering Week, a Super Mario was created out of 3800 Post-it notes

This Prank page was featured on ”I am Bored” this weekend, and that had brought up to 700 visitors an hour to Grow-a-brain for the last few days. Yo, guys, thank you for visiting, and check out the rest of the site (On the left). Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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January 11, 2005

If you forward this posting to 10 of your friends, Dave Matthews will make a contribution to help sick and dying kids…

Green_tea A window loves to get its freak on: Blue Anus’s "conceptual brilliance is eclipsed on by its aura of mystery". (Roll-over image to view. Winner of The Village Voice 2002 Best Inexplicable Window)

Unlike the previously-blogged Ted Koppel Blackout Goof, which was only a hilarious prank, the Yes Men’s interview on BBC World Television had serious political motivations. On November 29, 2004, the group’s spokesman announced on the air that Dow Chemical will accept full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, and has a $12 billion dollar plan to compensate the victims and remediate the site. Also, to provide a sense of closure to the victims, Dow will push for the extradition of Warren Anderson, former Union Carbide CEO, to India, which he fled following his arrest 20 years ago on multiple homicide charges. Well, none of it was true.You can Watch the broadcast and read about the preparation for the hoax.

The Golf Ball Prank from “Stupid Videos”

Drunk Dialing: Next time you get drunk, call (321) 600-1200 and leave a message on “Slacker Town”. When you sober up you can check back and see just how drunk you were.

Design above is one of the new works by Mr. Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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December 19, 2004

Manufacturer of fine, fake news

 Giant_snake ”Pretty girls don't ride the subway”

“That’s my mother’s mother, Rose. The one falleting the pickle… That’s her boyfriend, Jessie, sitting beside her. He’s ninety-two…”

Fishing for people

Harvard sucks! Help Harvard proclaim their true school spirit. Yale Students Perform Prank.

Diplocaulus - Does this animal really exist?

The Debut of RoboDump 1.0: I snuck RoboDump into the men's room at the office. Unfortunately, today turned out to be the day of a board meeting. Whoops! It still went over well; the office was abuzz all morning with gossip about the guy in the bathroom. Several people theorized it was the CFO. The janitor commented to someone in the hallway that he wanted to clean the restroom but "this guy's been in there all morning."

When applying for free subscriptions to trade magazines, be sure to enter stupid job titles for yourself

Hoosier Gazette, manufacturer of fake news. Like the story about the changing the name of Highway 69. Many people believed them

Photo above from the Hungarian Szanalmas. Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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October 13, 2004

Horse race

Dance_baby_dance Virgin Megastore listening station Mobflash thing, by the Improv Everywhere improvisers

“Whatever It Is, I'm Against It”: Ominous November 3, 2004 graffiti

Golf Ball Prank

"Welcome to the third Race at the Honeymoon is Over downs!" (Warning: Strong Vice-presidential Language, but funny!)

Another Post-It prank, this one from Iceland

Rate My Gag: Hot Or Not 'Stupid Phone Voice Changer Gags'. (Thank you, Nicholas Garner)

By the way, I noticed that the old “I’m a cow” song was penned by Peter Nguyen. It must be the same person who was behind the infamous biography of Walt Whitman and other gems of penmanship...

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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September 01, 2004


us_postal_stamp The Smoking Gun tested the boundaries of the new US Post Service of personalized postage and the results are exactly as could be expected: Ted Kaczynski stamps are “objectionable”, but college yearbook photos of Kaczynski are ok…

Take your pick of Harry Potter's questionable jelly Beans

"It was Mark's last night at the good old Howard Johnson so we decided to have a farewell celebration…"

More from the endlessly-fermented mind of Rob Cockerham: The How-to-stir-your-coffee-instructions-prank, (I like its subtlety), the McDonald's American McPie Prank and the High-Profile Sculpture Replacement Prank

The Toilet paper shredder from “What Happens If”

The Paper Napkin 2004 Rejection Message

By the way, today is Jeff Patterson’s birthday. He is getting really old. Please go visit him, and wish him A Happy Birthday

2nd re-posting: The meaning of Happiness. (I just love this beautiful piece)

(By the way-3: Should I post as many links as possible every day, or should I limit the number of links to make them more interesting?) Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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August 11, 2004

“Are you sitting down?”

Beer_cups Czech Dream - How two film students built a hypermarket that wasn't there and fooled thousands

Some phone pranks are semi-civil, like the Pet shop Graduation surprise or the Italian fishermen Theme party from Tim & Eric. Other phone pranks are nastier, like the Cheating husband prank

The Pork and Beans interview by the Soda Jerks

More Office pranks from “Cube Living” - While the mice are away, the cats do play

A short, unrelated clip of the Naked Trucker singing country on Real Time (Long download)

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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May 22, 2004

“This is not a prank”

Trophy_room Not all “Advance Fee Frauds” originate from Africa. Here's a fresh Nigerian-419 scam from India: The Holy Church of Fish, Bread & Wine. scambaited at “419 Eater”

Magnetic Bumper Gags and Car Pranks - “Slap one of our hilarious magnetic bumper "sticker" signs on someone's car and laugh your butt off as they drive down the road”

The following is not a prank, it is real (I’m sure): Leonid Stadnyk’s mom laces his shoes. He is considered to be the world’s tallest man. Background about the pituitary gland here

Black Market Babies is one-of-a-kind: a full-service, fee-based adoption agency. It’s safe, fast, and in many ways legal. And it’s guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied after 30 days, simply return your child in good condition, in the box it came in, for a full refund. We’ll even pay the postage!

Making the rounds: “It all started with an eBay auction for a new G4 Powerbook“...

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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