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March 09, 2004


The weather in North Orange County was gorgeous in the last few days. You could see the mountain from the top of Serrano Drive.

Here is the old Collection of Links about Anaheim Hills is Here.

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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Anaheim Hills Links

Anaheim_peppers 1993 Landslides Photos and Laguna Niguel Landslide (From "World's Largest Website Devoted to the Geological and Political Causes of a Landslide" )

200 Miles Loop of the Butterfield Double Century starts & finish on the corner of Imperial & 91 Freeway

AAA Electra 99 , co-op art gallery in Anaheim (From "Kneeding") - 10/31/03

Aerial Photos from "Homes By Air" By John Morris

Ando Studio, Alternative fitness programs using the Feldenkrais Method

Canyon Marching Band

Canyon Hills Girls Softball Association (Warning - music!)

Clouds over Mt. Baldy

David Stock Photographs: "Prisoners of our own Device"

Disneyland Postcards (From "Scrubbles") and Dizney-pins

Drying Apricots, 40 tons of fruits - 1907 (From "Anaheim Colony" - A WONDERFUL Source of Historic & Old Anaheim Info)

Fly over Anaheim Hills - , or use this amazing tool to fly over your own local landmarks. (A slow Java applet - with annoying pop-ups) . Use the control Panel - USA only.

"Fox Fire" Restaurant

Gay day outing at Disneyland - 10/18/03

Golf Course Layout at "The Hills" Golf Coarse on Nohl Ranch Road

Googie Archives around Anaheim - 10/21/03

"Growing up in the shadows of Disneyland", from the amazing "Photos of the Forgotten" - 9/29/03

Happiest Potties on Earth - 8/23/03

MiceAge ("A different look at Disney") prints the Complete text of Roy E. Disney's Resignation Letter - 12/3/03

"Milepost 38", Model Train Store on 5693 E. Orangethorpe Ave.

National Stuttering Association is based in Anaheim Hills, On La Palma Blvd.

Obsessive Disney Fans - 9/04/03

Our friend, Trent Sullivan

Sammy Davis Jr. in Anaheim Hills, 1975 photo

"The Great Team", right here in Anaheim Hills

The Ramon Peralta Adobe - 6398 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road

Tour of Club 33 at Disneyland and The Arrowhead Pond's Calender

"Traditional Values Coalition" is based right here in Anaheim... - 8/30/03

Traffic Accident on Nohl Ranch Rd., 3/8/2001 (From "Chuck Street Air Service" )

White House Restaurant on 887 South Anaheim Blvd.

Got Anaheim Hills Links? Please submit them here!

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