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November 03, 2005

Obviously you're not a golfer

Hands_up If you ever go to Blackpool there are three things you must do. The first is to have a few beers in Joe Longthorne's Music Hall Tavern. The second is to avoid the end of pier shows like a dose of the clap. Finally, you must go to the waxworks - an experience I've tried to emulate here. See if you can guess who these gruesome mugs are meant to be

“I was wondering if you had any stamps!” Zombie Virus. (From ”Ample Sanity”)

If I was a polar bear

A slightly-used prosthetic foot, a Satanic alter box, a magic penny. You’ll find them all on Way out auctions - Watching The Strange, Weird, Wild & Wooly Auctions Going On At eBay

Really Bad Tattoos. (From John’s blog)

From Jo Levine's photostream

Take the name bloopers survey. Future babies depend on you. Thank you, Joel

Photo above is not from Factum, but it could be. Many More Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

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September 25, 2005

"#2 Grandpa


Losing consciousness - Don't make the commitment if you can’t handle the stress. (Very funny)

Complaint letter of the year. (From ”Wesa Turtle”)

Spam You Never See

Cumulative wind distribution - Rita in red & orange

Some poorly selling t-shirts

Midlife Assessment. I'm 41 years old, and I'm absolutely falling apart. I'll start from the top and work my way down, cataloging, as it were, my disintegration

Who would throw away a perfectly good horse?

Many More Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

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March 26, 2005

Howard! Stop it

Don_rickles_revilo Buttplug! (Sounds like Howard Stern? May offend. From Trans Buddha)

Scott-O-Rama's Shirtless Male Athletes

New York City mug pre- 9/11

It actually says it right there - Worst tattoo ever

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coloring Book. (Warning: May also offend many people, crack up others!)

Crack My Knuckles and wince. By Rob Manuel

Rhythmic Flash, “Play” by Dustball

A few months ago, I posted this odd picture, asking What's wrong with this picture? Here's the pictorial exposé of what it was and how it was done

Walk like an Egyptian - A cosmetically-enhanced crossing signal on Wooster Street, NYC

Cartoon above by Revilo. Many More Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

In the next few days, I’m going to compose some posts about politics, shopping, newspapers, The Godfather, literature, beverages, the future & animals. If you know of some odd, new links on those subjects, email them to me for credit or a link-back (or both).

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February 14, 2005

Jerry Springer moments

Duck_tape“Mom, dad, there’s something important I need to share with you…” You’re not German, you’re idiot! Gunther, by Steve Ayson, for MTV

The 419 Scam Goes Palestinian

This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Easy Tail building instructions

The Bemusement Park’s Guide To Picking a College Major: “Going through the academy department by department . . . which is what I did for my first two and a half years of college”

Lejo Robot - Theatre with his bare hands and a pair of wooden eyes. (Start with the videos, click on the accordion, go from there)

The Squeegee Incident. By Kafkaesque

From Ironic Times, January 31, 2005: Cheney blasted for visiting Auschwitz in ski parka. Later, raises more eyebrows by wearing loud Hawaiian shirt at Buchenwald

The original Manamanah

From “The Chaser”: Abbreviation mix-up leads to Hulk Hogan addressing WEF

A new medication for when all else fails

The Altoids Cinema. (From ”No Milk”)

A Jerry Springer moment: "What part of "I'm sorry" don't you understand?" A Craigs List Best

Readers’ submissions for I Hump Things

Give in to Haste and Remain Chaste, from The Daily Probe

For Valentine's I got a box of Bitter Sweets. Thanks for nothing!

Ducked tape above from "Chasing Daisy". A long list of Hysterically Funny and Crazy Links Here

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December 07, 2004


I’ve been struggling for the last three days with a disturbing moral question.

In my bottomless web-surfing, I came across one of the most disgusting sites I’ve ever seen. It is hosted on the French site Noos, but the writing seem to be in Vietnamese, so I have no idea what it says. It apparently describes in words & photos the preparation of a soup. And the soup is made out of a fetus or a tiny baby. At least that’s what it looks like. It could be fake, done with some special effects. It looked real though.

I can't tell whether it is a cruel hoax, like the Bonsai Kitten of a few years ago or a criminal act that was documented in a primitive corner of the globe. The link that I saw was neither on a gore site, nor was it pornographic in nature, but it was so indescribably sick, that it knocked me off balance. I went to bed without comprehension, and I woke up with a spinning head.

So what should I have done with such an horrible concept? Should I have linked to it and alert it to the world? Obviously it’s out there and other people must have seen it too. If it was true, it must have been severely illegal, no matter where it took place. What if it was just a sick prank?

I have been a vegetarian since January 1970, so the idea of slaughtering cows or pigs, draining their blood, chopping them up and cooking them in a big terrine, is something I avoid (even though I was a chef for many years, and I did prepare many tasty meat dishes for others). And I was always radical in my thinking, arguing that if you are going to kill to eat meat, why stop at killing only animals? I strongly feel that being carnivorous turns on our death seeking and violent natures. In the US alone, there are 9 million animals that are being slaughtered systematically and inhumanely every single year. That’s a lot of spilled blood and a lot of agony.

But those photos were just too much. So I decided to mention them here, and not provide the link to it. I wonder what will come out of it, but I won’t have anything to do with it.

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October 17, 2004

I can’t take it any longer !

 Star_wars Autumn in New York, Perfect Conditions and Stupid T-Shirts are the new creations from the guy who did The end of The World a few months ago. Unfortunately, while the first flash-thingy was very fresh and even though the new ones are still kind of funny, basically, we are talking about advertisements for some NIKE SHIRTS now! SELL-OUT! In other ads: Gymnastics

Why did Elvis kill himself? Because he couldn’t handle what he was doing any more….

The Original Formula of Plumbers Butt Calk is a high quality crack filler for dealing with those embarrassing tradesmen

Making the rounds: RAND scientists’ vision in 1954 as to what home computers would look like today and Flap Face Slideshow

Twenty Underused Yoga Positions

The Mexican Hat Dance Activity Page

The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page. (From “Bag and Baggage”). Also, a necessary repost: Generate your own Evil Clown Face (Best technique is to gently hold the curser over the face and let the process sort itself out…)

"What Have We Become? Do I live in a society were a homosexual can follow a man around and try to force him to give up his religion and have sex for him? I wonder how many Americans feel that I should be forced to give up God and have sex for this homosexual…" How about simply taking the Gay Test?...

Subversive postcards from “Candy Genius”

See our long list of Funny and Crazy Links Here

Update: See comment below, debunking the RAND item as a FARK-photoshop

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September 14, 2004

All possible things (except skiing through a revolving door)

homerThe story behind the "This sticker has been discontinued" sticker

Fredryk Phox and his weird mirror video. (From “Shtoink”)

Buck Backyard’s Steak Grab

Guinness World Records is 50 years old this week. To celebrate, here are 50 of the strangest achievements, the 50 Weirdest Guinness World Records

How to ship a Hippo

"I just found out that I'm one inch taller than I thought." More pearls at The Wisdom of Supermodels

The Christian Hanky Code

New fetish: Women with big hands

It looks like Katzenberg, Geffen and Spielberg made a new friend over in Sweden. Subject: Unauthorized Use of DreamWorks SKG Properties. (From “Empty Bottle”)

Is it really a victimless crime? MAPSU - Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up

Scratch & Sniff website

America Needs Dirt!

See our long list of Funny and Crazy Links Here

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July 24, 2004

Ice cream truck that plays "Helter, Skelter"?...

sus Find the 3 differences in those two photos. (Not as easy as it seems)

Winners of The 2004 World Stupidity Awards

Making the rounds: Platform

Barney rap (Warning! Very vice-presidential language)

I believe you have my Stapler. (From Davezilla)

How many people in the Clown Van?!

Photoshop the Technohonks

Where's my Pants? Aliens are abducting our pants

Soundboards of Gilbert Gottfried and Howard Stern as Jerry Seinfeld

Sea Horse above. See our large list of Odd & Crazy Links Here

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June 20, 2004


High_bike The case of the extra hand of Victoria's Secret model

Rideable Antique Bicycle Replicas

AIDD, a strange compendium of oddities. (From - who else? - Post Atomic)

The Official Newsletter of The International Jewish Conspiracy

National Heterosexual Mustache Month is an all-new national observance, approved by the United States Congress and founded by manly men to celebrate the venerable lip rug's capacity to melt the hearts of fine ladies everywhere! Also, The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos

The Twelve Principles of Professor Solomon, author of How to Find Lost Objects. A set of precepts designed to lead you directly to any lost object. (From Steel White Table)

Stomach Anatomy (Internal)

All the Ladies of Star Trek. Also, Hippie Personals

Grab a graphic to link to Grow-a-Brain. Many More Odd and Crazy Links Here

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May 26, 2004


Very_strange_dogs Creepy the Clown vs. The Dancing Baby. Gross! (From B.A.'s Weblog). Many more disturbing Creepy the Clown concepts here.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Writer Shelley Jackson’s new work "Skin" in which she invited 2095 participants to have one word of a story tattooed upon his or her body. Guess who had the word “Dead” tattooed on his head?

Micro-miniatures by Andrew Rykovanov. (From SharpeWorld)

Are you tired of hearing politicians talk? Well, hear them sing instead. Listen to Saddam Hussein singing Imagine. Or to the love duet featuring Bush and Blair. Johan Söderberg has lip-synked some of the most hated and loved people in history to some of the most hated and loved songs of all times. From Atmo Animation

How many animals?

By the way, artwork above is by Australian Patricia Piccinini...

Grab a graphic to link to Grow-a-Brain . Many more Odd & Crazy Links Here

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April 07, 2004

Odd Balls…

kids_normal_relax.jpgBig orange button

Japanese Women Looking For Foreign Friends #9 Video

Bovine Inversus‘s “Zen and the Art of... unusual combinations”

Your date with Keef begins... - Dating Keef is like dating Ricardo Montalban

How to Good-bye Depression : If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way? by Hiroyuki Nishigaki (Author)

"The nice thing about reinventing the wheel is, there's so much prior art" - Gary Turner’s Unfamous quotations is a collection of quotations you won't find in any other quotations resource or book and the chances are you probably won't have heard of the authors of these quotations either. That's the whole point

Odd Objects, from edible chess to twin-handled fork. (From "Kolyom")

An oldie: Things I’ve pushed through toast

Photo found at "Internezz". For many more Odd and Crazy Links Look Here

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March 12, 2004

Odd & Crazy links:

A Girl’s best friend - In the fall of 2002, a girl in San Francisco woke up and spent the morning with her best friend.

”The Debbies” .From Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children by Angus Oblong

pig_snout.gifReally, Really, Real Reality TV,What if reality TV was based on, REAL reality?

”Sunday School”

Seventies Dance Bands

The Bovine Rectal Palpation Simulator Project , by Sarah Baillie BSc, BVSc, CertCHP, MSc, MRCVS

Stupid Caption Contest from PWOT

Stuck At Prom , 2004 contest. Thanks, Chau.

Russian Women, Inc. Beauty of the Month. Just add vodka.

eyeball_shooting2.gifThe little icons you’ll find around are from ”Chickenhead”

Our complete lists of Funny and Crazy Links Here

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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Odd & Crazy Links.

Melon_1153 Clothes Pegs

290 foot urinal and the Urinals of the International Space Station (From Top 10 Most Fascinating Urinals ) . The Urinal at "Chuch E. Cheese" is not working

5 pairs of donkeys united in Indian wedlock (From ”Under The Fire Star”)

A genuine psychological test about a girl who met a guy at the funeral of her own mother , from Philip D.L.

A truck on top of a Kent house

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

Carrot pants

Chinese Walkman - 8/26/03

Crazy Swedes (From Ernie)

Damn! We just missed this year's Fifth of November celebration as offered by "The Center For Fawkesian Pursuits-A Non-Comercial Division of Hutman Productions". Next year perhaps - 11/9/03

Dating Services: Dating for Jews and Dating for Scientologists - 12/13/03

Dead wife as a coffee table - 9/28/03

Disposable BS Bag - 9/21/03

Don't pull the finger

Double-Chin Bob sings "Love"

Dreems - 11/2/03

Enter the short url to make a huge URL - 12/22/03

Finally: The Church of the SubGenius

Fish tank in your mouth

Folk who fondle statues

Generate a name for your new Chinese Restaurant

German Toilets

"How much is inside?" from "Cockeyed"

FattyHundreds of Questions - No answers. Humm? - 1/11/04

Hungarian Padlock City - 8/30/03

"I'm a Car Seat" (From "Jazz Cafe" ) - 9/01/03

Investor hearing bad news

Just in time for Halloween: Medieval (and earlier) costums (From an amazing new find, Don McClane's "Myxolydian Mode" blog) and Kevin Kelm's Best Costums - 10/25/03

justjew, by Hugo Boss - "Marine, Semitic, Ambiguous. Designed in 2003, justjew for women and men is a refreshing, Jewish fragrance. This androgynous scent contains and blend of cantaloupe, green apple, water lilies and is accented with notes of clean Israeli air"... - 12/13/03

Man Commits Suicide to Escape Nagging Wife - 12/27/03

Mexican plays soccer with pet crocodiles - 7/15/03. By the way, people always ask "Where do you find all the strange & crazy stuff to post on "Grow-a-Brain" ? One of the obvious places is at "Ananova Quirkies" - 8/15/03

Photos of Crows shot by hunters - as many as 225 shot. Mmmm, Crow soup tonight. (From "Information Junk" ) - 12/17/03

Politically incorrect: "Read my Lips"

Random JPG out of a huge list of "Cold Bacon"s JPG's - 1/16/04

Sigmund Freud Action Figure $7

Stupid.com's best-selling products

The Art of Stephen Blickenstaff

The Colossal Colon is coming to San Francisco ...No, folks, we are not making it up... (From "Jwz")

The cows moved out

The Dolphin Test (From "Bifurcated Rivets" )

The Finger - 7/18/03

The International Trepanation Advocacy Group , "You need it like a hole in your head", Mutant Lemons and more (From "Boing Boing's most bizarre and obscure links) on the web" - 11/9/03

The Sword swallowing site

"The Terrible Secret of Space" rap

doug.jpgThe tugboat accident photos

Things Going Squish on My Scanner

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

Three River Ferret Show 2002

Web Zen, interesting Flash designs (from ”Chaos Kitty”)

When Chicken Attack - Freaky Matchboxes - 10/14/03

When the Propane Runs Out (from "Joe-ks")

Velvett Designs

Buy a "Grow-A-Brain" (but not from us - We have nothing to do with this....nonsense!)

See our long list of Funny and Crazy Links Here

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