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June 11, 2005

Jewish Rap

Pomegranate_1 If you like that kind of music, you’ll appreciate Raq el Habib (“The servitude of love”) and other long MP3’s by Umm Kulthum, the Egyptian Diva. (From ”Oddio Overplay”)

Israel's national anthem, Hatikvah, played metal-style, by New York metal band Gods of Fire

A Jewish Rap by Joel Moss

Watch one of the songs from Idan Raichel Project which blends Israeli pop with Ethiopian traditional music. Apparantly this one one of the biggest hit records in Israel. (Thank you, Dafna for his second CD)

Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land. In Israel, a vibrant punk scene has emerged in a society torn apart by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians

More About Music From The Middle East Here

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April 05, 2005

Israeli-Palestinian Peace song


A special musical event took place in Israel last Sunday, when David Broza, an Israeli pop star and Wisam Murad, a Palestinian musician, performed a beautiful, simple peace song that they co-wrote, In My Heart (B'Libi). The song was played for the first time simultaneously on Galei Tzahal, the Israeli Army Radio and Voice of Palestine. Richard Silverstein blogged the event and added lots of background to the story.

Raqs al-Janub, by oud-player Issa Boulos

Ruba Hatem, a Palestinian-Jordanian pop singer

Classical Arabic Music

Gentle Stars, electronic composition by John Kameel Farah, Palestinian-Canadian musician

The Chehade brothers. Despite all the difficulties inherent in the business of making, performing and enjoying music in modern day Palestine, a remarkably vibrant and dedicated musical community has grown up in the country, especially in East Jerusalem where the National Music Conservatory continues to nurture successive generations of Palestinian talent

El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe

From her bio: Maysoon Zayid, the “Palestinian Muslim Virgin From New Jersey With Cerebral Palsy!”

Musical Intifadah - the website of Doc Jazz, amateur Palestinian musician in Netherlands

Iron Sheik - Palestinian-American hip hop artist. On the scene of the New Pro-Palestinian Rap Music

The Philistines - U.S. based rap group

This is the first post that I am composing together with another blogger, Haitham Sabbah of Sabbah's Blog, who provided most of the links related to the Palestinian music scene. Thank you, Sabbah. If I get some positive response, I may want to repeat the process with other bloggers perhaps, and on other topics. Contact me for details.

The bloody songbook above was stained when Itzhak Rabin was murdered in 1995. The song he just finished singing was called "Song of Peace". More About Music From The Middle East Here

Update on 4/8/05: See MSNBC article about the event: "Peace song serenades Palestinians, Israelis"

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March 14, 2005

Belinda Bedeković!

Belinda_bedekovi Not from the Middle East but very urgent! You have to listen to the wild Croatian accordionist Belinda Bedekovic tearing it up on the keytar. Click on photo inside to watch her video. See how she is becoming an international sensation overnight!

And if you want to hear the most nostalgic Israeli music you can imagine, listen to these old recordings of composer Sasha Argov (mostly from the 50’s and 60’s). This free version plays only short snippets of each song, but you’ll get a large collection of 40 evergreens.

The great divide. Israel's leading rapper is a rightwing Jew with Ariel Sharon on his side. His rival is a leftwing Arab who compares Jews to Nazis. Hip-hop was supposed to bring them together - but politics keeps forcing them apart

The Belly Dance Album of the Month. (From Radio Bastet - Vintage Belly Dance Music)

Oriental Tunes

Un-related, but very beautiful: A piece about Milton Glaser, done with "Adobe". (From Lindsay Marshall's Bifurcated Rivets)

Many Links About Middle Eastern Music Here

Today’s “Blog Of The Day” WFMU's Beware Of The Blog is Essentially Necessary, and where I found the Belinda Bedekovic clip. I finally made a little Linking Icon the “winner” can stick on their site, if they wish

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December 31, 2004

Iraq's best singer

Challah Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The Bob Marley of Pakistan, the Elvis of the East, Khan was one of the most popular singers in the Indian subcontinent. He predominantly sang qawwali, the music of devotional Sufism, but incorporated other forms including Khyal (traditional classical) to produce a unique style that appealed to followers of all religions. He performed with the Party, a group of highly trained Pakistani musicians which included several family members

Burger Ranch, a music video by the Israeli pop group “Ping Pong”, by Ido Fluk

Discography of Ester Ofarim

Iraq's best singer, Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Abdul Fattah Al-Gubbenchi, with many clips. (Not for the faint of heart!)

Jewish Songs of Celebration & Struggle. (From Tikun Olam)

6arab's Most Wanted songs from Miami Band

Many Links About Middle Eastern Music Here

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July 24, 2004

Arabic Songs

Turkish_music Kazem al Sahir is The Iraqi Elvis. Here he is singing We Want Peace with Lenny Kravitz

Rahim Al Haj, Iraqi Oud composer

Lebanese singer Fairouz sings Ya Ana Ya Ana. (From the extensive Oriental Tunessite)

Turkish Music Club. (From Kolyom)

Egypt has banned music videos showing women’s navels

Ask Dr. Klez about klezmer music: “I don’t know if you experience gigs the same way that I do, but everytime I come home from an evening of playing, I’m so hyper that I can’t sleep for practically the whole night, or what’s left of it.. Do you know of any drug-free ways to deal with post-gig buzz?”

Photo above of Imad Abbadi. Many Links About Middle Eastern Music Here

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March 27, 2004

Israeli Songs

Oud_player The operatic snippet ”Hine Od Yam Oleh” by the 18-year-old Israeli Artist Mor Meroz. Beautiful. (From Not a Fish)

Shlomo Artzi

Echad Mi Yodea, Passover songs

Shiron- lyrics of over 20,000 Israeli songs

Iraqi Music

Our Music Links from the Middle East are here

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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 Music Links from The Middle East

Sultan_of_bagdad Ad Or Haboker - 10/24/03


Armik, Nuevo Flamenco

Arik Einstein Ringtones... and photo album

Burqua Band from Afganistan - 9/12/03

Chava Alberstein's lyrics

Belly Dance Museum, Belly Dance LP's from the 60'sand Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing

Eclectic Links about the Middle East

Farid el Atrash - The greatest Egyptian male singer of all time

Gabi Berlin's Sing-alone, (He is my cousin's cousin)

Googoosh The Iranian Maria Callas (From "The Iranian") - 10/19/03

HaGashashim, Israeli comedy group - 10/11/03

Halutsim, Israeli rap - 10/11/03

Hundred most outstanding Israeli rock albums since 1969

Hannie Abokhamis - Palestinian Desert Techno - 11/16/03

History of Klezmer music

Idan Raichel Project, haunting modern Ethiopian music (From Gil Shterzer)

Ilham Al Madfai, the coolest Iraqi Singer Ever

Israeli-born Ishtar, "Oriental pop" singer in Paris - 10/16/03

Israeli sensation, Haim Moshe and his oriental-style hit songs (From the ultimate "Israeli Music" website, which offers similar short samplings of practically all Israeli musicians, for example, Greek-style Shlomi Seranga , Gad Elbaz and Aris San. Listen to the whole list here).

Israel's hip-hop king, Rapper "Subliminal" Wins Fans and Angers Critics - 12/11/03

Laila Murad - 10/2/03

Maqam - Fine Arabic & Middle Eastern Music

Massoud Shaari

Middle Eastern Dance Camp

Nana Mouskouri

Nostalgic Israeli songs from the 50's & 60's and from the 20's & 30's

Oi Va Voi - 11/16/03

Omar Faruk Tekbilek - 11/16/03

Oud Musik - Mohammed El-Bakkar, "The Man, the Music, the Legend", (Thank you Incoming Signals) and Mike - Master of the Oud

Remembering Ofra Haza

Robert Gass and "On Wings Of Song" , choral arrangements of sacred vocals, from the one & only "Radio Nonbiri"

Saddam Hussein music videos

Samira Saeed - 11/16/03

Samir Shukry - 10/28/03

Sarit Hadad , the "Israeli Celine Dion"

Sefarad Records (From JAFI links)

Shoshana Damari singing "Kalaniyot" - 10/11/03

Some Jewish Cantors on 78 rpm records, and "Chazzanut", a site on Jewish Liturgical Music

Songs of Assyria - 11/16/03

Sudanese Music from Michael Huether

Surfy Hava Nagila - 10/13/03

The Freedman Archive, over 25,000 Yiddish and other Jewish songs and albums

Theodorakis's strong feelings about the war in Iraq

Today's Hit-parade in Israel (Thanks, Lorien)

True History of the Dumbek ("Tamboor") - 10/24/03

Tunisian Radio

Umm Kulthum, The Star of the East - The greatest Egyptian female singer of all time

"Unknown to No One", The next Iraqui music sensation

Yair Dalal - 11/16/03

Yehoram Gaon - 8/30/03

More About Music From The Middle East Here

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