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October 21, 2005

Be Cynical, Be Very Cynical

Diogenes A list of 714 Things to Be Cynical About. The Top ten:

alpha males
women who try to be alpha males

A List Of Names to Use When Responding to People Who Know Your Name But Whose Names You Never Learned or are Temporarily Drawing a Blank On, In Decreasing Order of Effectiveness

The following is a partial list of chair types, from Wikipedia’s gigantic List of lists

A list of Useless Facts. (Probably a re-post). The largest cabbage weighed 144 lbs

A list of Albums from the 1980s

Five excellent New Orleans icons

Forbes 2005 Updated Lists

100 Best Known Global Brand Names. (From a Exp100, a List of Lists)

I’m away for the weekend. This post had been pre-blogged for your entertainment. Many More Unusual Lists Here

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July 10, 2005

115 Things To Do With Cheese

Bottles_2 13 Reasons why human beings love to list. it's quantification, not quality, that counts

Mitchell Rose’s 3-min. film “Name Categories”, a list of first names, arranged by meaning & gender (Scroll to bottom of page)

List of infectious diseases

A long list of Things that suck, from Kim Jong Il to Babies with pierced ears… (A slight echo of George Carlin’s "People I Can Do Without")

100 Greatest American Men of all Time, by Tony Pierce. (Who's Rodney Bingheimer?)

List of geometric shapes. (From Wikipedia’s giant List of Lists)

David Stockbridge and Bill Barto’s Tech list

Checklists - "Possibly the most useful site on the web"

MSN’s list of 10 things every single girl must own. (No. 1. A fabulous photo of yourself. 2. A pretty pair of heels, Etc., as well as things every single man must own - No. 9. 300-thread-count cotton sheets), is being corrected by blogger ”Life in the Pink”

A list of Google Employee Blogs

Many More Unusual Lists Here

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April 29, 2005

Lists, lists, we got lists

Just_like_this Major League Baseball Franchise History, one of many lists found at Ken Fussichen's Giant List of Chronologies

From Merlin’s lists of Fives: Five terrible fake congressional honorifics, Five things the yuppie on the Harley doesn’t want you to know

JimWilson.com: A site devoted to all the brethren who go by the name of Jim Wilson

Odd Names From Remarkable Names of Real People by John Train (1977)

Funny Name Server. Admit it. As you were looking up a number in the phone book, a funny listing caught your eye. You chuckled at the poor guy whose name is also a curse word. Then you thought, "If I had nothing better to do, what other funny names could I find in the phone book?"

Namely - A list of people whose name makes a complete sentence

Things I Miss About Los Angeles and many other lists from Dooce’s Lists Archives

Vodka Pundit’s Lists of 50 Things, from “50 Words and Phrases Not to Use on a First Date” to “50 Things to be Thankful For”

High concept: 10 New Products For Which Market Research Is Probably Unnecessary

A list of 1,159 Naughty Words. (Caution: A list of 1,159 Naughty Words!)

A list of Current Apple iPod Models. (From ”All Lists Considered”)

Grow-a-brain’s Long List of Unusual Lists Here

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January 19, 2005

Come to papa, Humperdinck…

Liszt"Would you say it's time for our viewers to panic?" "Yes, I would, Kent." Top 278 Greatest Simpson's Lines and Top 368 Greatest Lines From Television. Many other lists at “Order of the Keepers Of Lists

The top 1,000 things to know. By Seth Godin. (A good list, even though it only goes to 20. 10 more things added to it later)

The World Renown Definitive 1970's List

People Who Probably Need A Cock Punch - “In this blog, I will list people who probably need or have needed cock punches”

Some parents are just plain crazy. But few are as crazy as many soon-to-be parents, who, wrapped up in the fear and anticipation, the social status and expectations, go just plain mad. List of BAD names for babies. In same insane vain, Least Popular Baby Names for 2004: Beelzebub, Agamemnon, Horatio, Humperdinck, Hawkweed

An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors

Grow-a-brain’s Long List of Unusual Lists Here

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November 26, 2004


Supercentenarian You read recently that the World's oldest man died in N.Y. 12 days shy of his 114th birthday. By definition, a supercentenarian is anyone who has lived to be 110 years or older . We presently recognize 63 Validated Living Supercentenarians -- 58 Women and 5 Men. Here is the official list of Validated Living Supercentenarians

A list of people named Arthur Jones, found on Google

56 Uncommon Baby Names for Boys, Culled From the Index of Volume 3 of Master of the Senate, Robert Caro's Biography of Lyndon Johnson

Some random Top 10 lists, including but not limited to: Top 10 countries where sheep most outnumber people (#1. Falkland Islands - 339.93 sheep per person), Top 10 tea-drinking countries in the world (7 Arab countries in top 10) and Top 10 words most used by Shakespeare (The, and, I, to, of, a, you, my, that, in)

The Name Game. Who owns the market on the first name Sally? Struthers or Field?

List of funny (?) gay, lesbian or bisexual people. Famous Gays and Lesbians in History

Another huge list of Oxymorons

Lonita’s List of lists

Albino Neutrino's 100 things list about me

Grab a Grow-a-Brain Graphic for your site

Our Large List of Unusual Lists Here

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October 14, 2004

List of Favorites

 In_a_silent_way Novelist Hanif Kureishi’s list of his three favorite albums of all time:
“In a Silent Way” by Miles Davis.
Mahler's Ninth Symphony.
Revolver by The Beatles.

A huge list of timelines

A comprehensive list of over 800 British sitcoms, listed alphabetically. (From “Persentio”)

Quasimodo’s to do list for November 15, 1482

More from the same: McSweeneys’s Actual List of Claimants to the Title of Inventor of the Ice Cream . cSweeneys’s Waiting lists. McSweeneys’s List of Things It Would Be Imprudent to Do: From ‘Talking back to your mother’ to ‘Shaking a baby’

A list of some pop and rock singers generally known by a single name

Some names that became words: From ‘Amish’ & ‘Doily’ to ‘Ritzy’ & ‘Uzi’

Hollywood Height Chart

Life satisfaction in 100 countries: Switzerland is No. 1. Most scores are based on responses to the following question: "All things considered, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your life-as-a-whole now? 1 dissatisfied to10 satisfied"

Scott Niven’s list of favorites games, beaches, parks & other effects

Our List of Unusual Lists Here

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June 03, 2004

List of Lists

lists From A list of people I slept with by Bozima: “Number of guys I slept with whose last names I never knew: 1
Number of guys with shaved heads: 3
Number of guys who had a pet that got in the way: 1
Number of guys who had a dog that ate my underwear: 1”
(Found at “Mercurial”)

The complete List of Google Bombs (Including our own-initiated “Compassionate Conservatism”)

“Most Wanted” Lists

List of Telephone Sounds & Recordings. (From “Sciatica”)

The complete Harper's Index since 1998

List of Unusual Museums of the Internet, including but not limited for: Museum of Antique Light Bulbs , The Museum of Sugar Packets and 101 more

List of Lists of Ballroom Music by Dance

Random list of top tens , including a list of “Children's books never published”, a list of what Not To Say When You Get Pulled Over, etc.

A list of Stupid Names (Most sound nasty and are apparently names of real people)

Our List of Unusual Lists Here

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March 21, 2004

Natural Highs


The List of 250 Natural Highs, broken down into 3 categories: Just Your Self, Help From Others and Devices and Machines, and than again into 10 other sub-categories…

A list of Bogus names, like Dwayne de Tubb, Colin Oscopy and Benny Fishery. (From Side Salad). Also, The Ultimate List of Stupid Names and The Ridiculously Large List of Silly Names: names like Imelda Czechs, Cliff Hanger, Heidi Salami and a total of about 2,800 more.

The List of Lists, by David Stockbridge & Ted Quantrill.

Visit Grow-a-Brain own List of Lists Here

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January 31, 2004

Here is the 2003 Grow-a-Brain Eclectic Lists

Checkmark16 Best Lists of the Millennium (including: 15 Smallest Objects of the Millennium )

All Flags (Try also 3-D Flags and "Drawing The Union Jack")

Amulets, talismans & lucky charms

Assassins, Assassinations, Attempts Chronology - 1/3/04 (Most links here are dead)


Boycotts list

Canonical List of Answering Machine Messages (From "Information Junk") - 12/20/03

Canonical List of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Variations Contains 808 versions of the classic poem

Dave's List of Words that are fun to say, f. ex., under "Places":Uruguay,Paducah,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Rancho Cucamongo, Bora Bora,Katmandu... (From "Metafilter") - 11/25/03





Every Rule in the Universe!

Exhibitions at the Library of Congress

Excuses - The Mother of All Excuses Place - 7/13/03

Gary Price's List of Lists

Individuals listed as Scientologists, by Tilman Hausherr - 1/16/04

Knots and more Knots

List of all Popes

Medals from around the World

Useless Zagat Lists from Bill Maher: "The Zagat people – they publish those handy guides to restaurants and hotels in various cities around the world – have a new guide out. It’s not all that handy, though. In fact, it’s not very useful at all. OK, it’s stupid. It’s their new Zagat Music Guide, which purports to rank the Top 1000 albums of all time. Why? Because America is no longer a manufacturing economy, or even a service economy -– it’s a ranking economy. We rank things. You need something ranked, you come to us. If the editors of “Cat Fancy” magazine haven’t yet published their special “Top 100 Cats of All Time” issue, don’t worry – they will" - 9/25/03

Murphy laws

Museums and Unusual Museums

Names (Also: Funny names - Wanted: America's Funniest Aliases, Doctors with medically relevant names and Strange meanings of Finnish Names - 9/28/03)

Name Statistics - 10/21/03

Nuclear Tests

Periodic Tables



Quotes - 'A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a witty person, but a pebble in the hands of a fool'

Rulers. Lists of heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases


Telephone Sounds!

The Big Picture Book of Viruses

US Newspapers

Universities - Links to 7388 Universities in 183 countries

Grow-a-brain’s Long List of Unusual Lists Here

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