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February 19, 2004

Here is the old "Grow-a-Brain” Albert Hofmann Collection

Lsd_blotter AJ Weberman’s Acid Trip! - The website (and so much more - 10/18/03)

Cary Grant on Acid : Cary Grant apparently had a medical condition and was prescribed LSD

Letterman on Acid!, a story by Lance Anderson

Kaleidoscopic painter, a Java applet. (From Coolio)

This is your brains on drugs! - The other, other white meat...

Bar Code Drug Paintings about how we perceive illegal drugs. More Acid Art

If drugs were legal

Anthony Ausgang Exit Studios - Trippy art

Cosmic Evolution - From Big Bang to Humankind , and "How to Operate Your Brain" DVD by Timothy Leary. (Both found at Bruce Eisner)

A re-post from the old LSD link collections - "My Best Birthday Present" by Michael Dare: "...There was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was Timothy Leary who said "Hi, I'm your birthday present"....

Until I move all the links over, browse through the old collections about our Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger

4290 Articles in the Hofmann Library Collection

Lsd_fractal Acid VS. Mushrooms - 2/3/04

Albert Hofmann Foundation

Al Hubbard, super-spy and uranium entrepreneur, the "Johnny Appleseed of LSD" - 1/17/04

The Anniversary Bicycle Poster signed by Albert Hofmann

"Anyone have any tips on how to make acid?" Sure, here's a recipe from Erowid, go ahead, make some... - 1/17/04

Art Gone Postal and Blotter Art

Art under the influence - 1/5/04

"Breaking Open the Head" by Daniel Pinchbeck, psychedelics & Shamanism - 9/18/03

Cedars Sinai's Bulletin: Discoverer of LSD urges medical use of the drug

CIA's Sidney Gottlieb: Pusher, Assassin & Pimp - 1/17/04

Colourful moments with the man who invented LSD on his 95th birthday. (From Lilia)

Coltrane & LSD examines the "Coltrane breakthrough" experiences reported by many listeners on psychedelics.. (From Miqel's unique site) - 1/17/04

Danny Gomez "Flashback", Starring Albert Hofmann as the Shrink!

Ecstasy Pills - 11/7/03

Excessive LSD use left a young man in a psychiatric hospital, believing himself to be a glass of orange juice?

Famous LSD users

FAQ from Erowid

Gambling, Gods and LSD - Switzerland, 2002

Albert_hofmann_2 Albert Hofmann - 95 years young

"He Invites" - It's never too late to add your LSD story. These LSD stories are shown in a random order

History of The Psychedelic Movement Cartoon and Coloring Book By Timothy Leary

Hofmann Blotter Paper. (From Erowid's Blotter Art Gallery) - 11/14/03

Hofmann's Potion - The early years of LSD

How To Make LSD

Inside the Head Film

Kansas Missile Silo Labs

Larry Carlson, a visionary multi media artist

LEARY's PALMPRINT, Leary's Goddaughter and LEARY'S LAST KISS

LSD25 - 1996 portal (many dead links)

LSD And the CIA and Was Leary a CIA Agent?

LSD - My Problem Child - 10/23/03

Lucy Firecrackers Finale With plasticine porters with looking glass ties

Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds - 12/4/03

Nan's Nook Botanical Links

Nice portraits of 2 elderly gentlemen - 12/4/03

Pickard And Apperson Sentenced On LSD Charges (From DEA) - life imprisonment without parole & 30 years imprisonment without parole - 1/6/04

Pickover's Glimpse into Neoreality and Higher Dimensions - Gaze in Awe and Horror

Pineal Gland, LSD and Serotonin by Russ McClay

Prisoner of War - Confessions of an American LSD Eater

Sasha Shulgin, psychedelic Chemist and inventor of drugs for the DEA - 1/17/04

Trip_magazine_2 "SAVE THE ROACHES, ARNOLD"

Shambhala Psychedelic Galleries. For example Luke Brown's art. (More from Incunabula) - 12/4/03

Stain Blue's Molecular structures

Stanislav Grof's History of LSD Therapy

Steven Cerio's ABC Book - A drug primer

The Church of the LSD Saints

"This is the Acid Test, are you ready?" - 1/17/04

Tom Petty's "Girl on LSD"

Tripping on iboga. In Gabon, a disenchanted journalist embarks on a hallucinogenic tribal rite - 9/19/03

Trippy Animations - 10/18/03

Trip Stories

Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience, by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

Varieties of Religious Experience by William James

Visionary Art

Who's who of Acid Dreams

8/4/05 Update: I just discovered that the tongue illustration above is by artist Trevor Brown!

More about evil drugs especially Acid and Pot Here

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