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December 22, 2008

Cartoonists' strike

 Human_dinosaur Disney memo prior to 1941 cartoonists' strike. Inter-office memorandum from Walt Disney to all employees, February 6, 1941. Disney alerts employees to a 50% drop in production, and urges them to discuss union matters on their own time. In a postscript he notes that he is filing a copy of this memo with the National Labor Relations Board. Disney cartoonists would later go on strike from May 29 to September 14, 1941

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Cartoon Particles, from Rainbow Monkey

It’s not easy being green

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February 24, 2008

Hidden Mickeys

Hidden_mickey Hidden Mickeys throughout Disney. Largest hidden Mickey in Florida

Disney’s 1965 'That Darn Cat!' advertising spread in Look magazine

Raw Tony Curtis/Suzanne Pleshette Disneyland footage from the sixties. (From 2Boings)

Quote of the Day:

"Observers say Castro will either be replaced by his brother Raul, or by his idiot son, Fidel W. Castro." - Gene ("Poole") Letterman

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December 04, 2007

Disneyland Sign Generator

Disney_crocs Early 50s Disney Christmas Cards

Disneyland Sign Generator

Ride Accidents is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news. The site includes a record of fatal amusement ride accidents in the United States since 1972

Mickey Feio de Daniel Vargas. (From Mickey Feio)

Covering The Mouse. An MP3 blog dedicated to cover versions of Disney songs

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October 26, 2007

Hot Disney Women

Disney_orlando How Disney Changed Orlando

From Arial to Jessica Rabbit - The Top 10 Hottest Animated Disney Women

Also, the Disney Princesses offer their wisdom, compassion, and personal stories about Chlamydia to today’s youth

Los Disneys, an unconventional shooter videogame. (From Who killed Bambi)

Disney Pocket Protector and 501 other Pocket Protectors

From PostSecret: I took LSD at Disneyland – It was the most terrifying experience of my life

Mickey Mouse pizza

Names of boats on the Jungle Cruise ride

The origins of slogan I'm Going to Disney World

Fairy Tale Briefs, the hidden role of underwear in classic tales of enchantment, and Sex, drugs, and racism in Disney films: a quiz. (Both from Miss Cellania’s Disney princesses post)

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August 25, 2007

Goths in the Park

Gas_mask_disney Goths Invade Disneyland on the annual Bats Day in the Fun Park. (From Ectoplasmosis)

Disney, “wa”, and the Japanization of Mickey

The Mickey Mouse Mask was produced early in 1942 to protect children in case of a chemical attack

Sexism, Strength and Dominance: Masculinity in Disney Films. (From Spout Blog)

By the way, I checked my feed on feedburner and it looks like it doesn’t show the videos I often post, so if you read the blog that way, realize that you are missing some content

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May 20, 2007

The Florida Project

Down_and_out The Tunnels under the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney's passport for sale

I like getting pictures of people/mascots giving me noogies

Walt's Last Film. This 24 minute film was recorded just before Walt's death. It was presented to the media and government officials in February of 1967. It highlights their "Florida Project" a Disney World in Florida

Disneyland in China?

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March 15, 2007

Mouse hats

This_is_no_insect Vintage Disneyland photos at DaveLand USA

Diane Arbus in Disneyland, 1962

Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, by photographer Barry Lewis

The Magic Worlds of Walt Disney (National Geographic Magazine 1963, in 3 parts)

Re-post: Disneyland Souvenirs and other nostalgic flickr sets of Mr. Toast (Dan Goodsell)

Disney reuses its animation but this is hard to spot unless pictures are put side by side for comparison. Here are a dozen samples

(Fly above from Cowboy Caleb)

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November 16, 2006

El Gaucho Goofy

Saludos_amigos Disney Children's records from the 50s and 60s

The skeleton dance, 1929

Aquarela do Brasil (YouTube) from Saludos Amigos (World premiere in Rio de Janeiro on August 24, 1942)

Damn, I’m no longer the first result when you Google for mouse orgy Disney Paris, but I was until the recent French scandal

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October 04, 2006

Duck & Cover

Walt_disney_secrets Is it just a pattern in the concrete or is a larger ideology at work here? The many pink triangles at Disney theme parks

Aunt Lizzie and other Haunted Memories found at Disneyland for Halloween

Mouse Surplus, the warehouse where old Disney World rides go to die

Classic Disneyland Souvenirs

Duck Covers from around the world

Happy Halloween

Guantanamo prisoner statue smuggled into Rocky Mountain Railroad Ride

The 45 best things about my Disney World vacation

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June 01, 2006

Tomorrow’s Hot Link:

Monkey_head Disney Cruise Line Towel Animals!

Buildings associated with Disney in Lake Buena Vista and Celebration, FL

Journey to The Disney Vault on “TV Funhouse”

Building a Family trees of Disney characters is not an easy job : first, you have to include all the concerned characters, which is somehow difficult, because you have to lead huge researches, then you have to face contradictions which exist from a story to another, from an "universe" to another…

Today the tinselman time machine takes us back to 1976. Apple Computer has just been started, The Ramones have released their first album, and you have just been given your 48 page Standard Operating Procedure for Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean

Soarin' Over California

Many More Unusual Disney Links Here

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March 17, 2006

Main Street, USA

Main_street_usa Bird’s view of Disneyland on MS Virtual Earth

Lovely Disneyland footage from 1956 on Google Video. (From The Disney Blog)

OC Register Virtual Tour of Walt Disney's private Disneyland apartment overlooking Main Street

LEGO model of Main Street, USA. (From Boing Boing)

Snow White and the Medicated Dwarves. With the help of the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturer's Association (PhRMA), Snow White has all the dwarves on human growth hormone, and has carefully selected prescriptions for each of their quirks

Luxo, a blog featuring Pixar Animation Studios. Re-Imagineering, a blog forum for Pixar and Disney professionals. (With contributions from Paul Torrigino and Richard Gutierrez!)

Cecil Adams researches: Was Disney a fascist?

Re-designing Disney's Space Mountain. More there: Disney Trip Reports, submitted by readers of Mouse Planet

Disney Song Lyrics

Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

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November 13, 2005

Space Mountain

Space_mountain_ride The new Dmobo M900, the Walt Disney phone, with Mickey and Minnie

Walt's Shadow on flickr

The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts. This site covers all of the short subjects Disney made between the years 1922 to the present.

Malt Whiskey

Secrets of The Haunted Mansion

This day in Disney history

Yoda’s list of Jungle Cruise Jokes. Not all of the jokes have been approved for use on the Jungle Cruise. On October 11, 1997, the Orange County Register reported that at least 8 Jungle Cruise skippers had been fired for telling jokes which were either unapproved or not appropriate to the 1938 theming of the attraction

A replica of the Space Mountain ride

Disneyland Paris and other Disney International locations

Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

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August 04, 2005


50th_anniversary_1 Donald Duck Atom bomb

Ten Things To Know About Walt Disney World. No 10: When attempting to take a naked picture lying on Mickey’s Bed, alarms will go off

The Testimony of Walter E. Disney Before the House Committee on Un-American Activities 24 October, 1947

Disney Balance Sheet

List of Disney characters' names in various languages. I remember Anders And og Joakim von And

Disney's 50th Anniversary Paper Models of Tower of Terror and Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Other Disneyland miniatures

Free Banner ads

About Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney World's permanent autonomous zone. (From Boing Boing)

An incomplete listing of typefaces seen and used at Walt Disney World

On July 18, 1955, David MacPherson, a CSULB student bought the first Disneyland ticket

The Disnyfication of America. You can't go to Disneyland because you're already there. Before Disneyland, with some notable exceptions, a place was what it was — the product of its own history, geography, climate, economic base, social arrangements and technological development. After Disneyland, American places increasingly came to be idealized fictional narratives about place — not real places, but metaplaces

The Elijah Factor’s - The most famous tourist attraction in Disney, Oklahoma (Pop. 226)

Infograph above from The Onion. Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

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May 19, 2005

All ears

Tezuka Is The Lion King a copy of Kimba? Did the Disney studio steal Kimba and rework it as their "original story", The Lion King?

The Medieval History of Mickey Mouse

The Happiest Place on Earth: We went to Disneyworld today and it's supposedly the happiest place on earth, it looked more like people were in hell. (From The Disney Blog)

In honor of the park's 50th anniversary, here are 50 cool, obscure and simply odd things you probably didn't know about the self-proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth. No. 16. If the voice of the droid-pilot in Star Tours sounds a little like Pee-wee Herman, it's because both are voiced by comedian Paul Reubens

Disney’s first train (in Hong Kong)

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Pipe Organ by M. Rosales

These old Disneyland attractions posters. (From This is Pop, Best Disney Sites on the Web)

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March 03, 2005

Hidden Disneys

Walt_disney “Modern Drunkard Magazine” visits Club 33: Disneyland is billed as The Happiest Place on Earth; and it’s happier still when you’ve had a bottle or two of fine wine

Disney Attractions. Audio and Video of Disney Theme Park Attractions & Parades. A huge collection. Also, Snapshots of the past

Theme Park Maps!

Der Fuehrer’s Face , a.k.a.: "Donald Duck in Nutzi Land"

Family trees. Studies on the genealogy of the main Disney characters

Hidden Mickeys started out as inside jokes among the Walt Disney Imagineers. A Hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Disney attraction (ride, resort, etc...). Originally, it took the shape of a head and ears silhouette, , i.e. one large circle with two smaller circled on top in the appropriate place, but Hidden Mickeys can take on many forms

Bambi and Donald Duck Handkerchiefs and Disneyland Magazine. (From Antiques Mall Ephemera collectors)

Disney Fonts

Skankin’ Mouse Music. Thomas P. Struijke, a ska musician from the Netherlands, plays ska versions of Disney tunes

Walt Disney in the 1930 Census

“Song of Freedom”. Robin Williams Disney Riff. (From ”Boing Boing” Disney posts)

A Tribute to Frank Thomas

In 1967, one of the original Mad Magazine illustrators, Wally Wood, published this x-rated poster, Disneyland Memorial Orgy

The NFFC, The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts, is an international, non-profit organization committed to preserving and sharing the rich legacy of Walt Disney

MKT 3000’s Disney photos

Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

Today’s “Blog Of The Day” is “Happy Furry Puppy Story Time with Norbizness”. I finally made a little Linking Icon the “winner” can stick on their site, if they wish. (Thank you, Presurfer, for using this little yellow thingy on your site)

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