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June 29, 2007

Bad cops

Bad_cop Naked Driver Asks Girl For Directions

Did you know that corporate crime inflicts far more damage on society than all street crime combined? Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime

10 most interesting prisons on earth

Good cop, bad cop with Will Ferrell & “Pearl”. Bad Cop News

This is your cornfield on cocaine

Sued By Scotts

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June 12, 2007

Jason R Walsh, a Riverside lawyer

Jason_r_walsh This is a true story of an unpleasant encounter that a friend of mine had with a local lawyer, Jason R Walsh, here in Riverside, California.

My friend, "BrL", was charged with a traffic violation, and had to appear in court. Because she is relatively new in this country and her English is poor, I volunteered to help her. My real estate lawyer referred me to a Jason R. Walsh, a "small-time", a somewhat of a young criminal attorney. He works out of a one room office, right across the street from the local court house.

I went with "BrL" to meet Mr. Walsh, and tell him about the case. After hearing about it, he said that he wanted to help – and could represent her case in front of the local judge. He added that he would be able to help her get her case dismissed or reduced to an infraction, and that he will do everything needed for all of that to happen for the total price of $1,750.

Mr. Walsh’s confidence and assertive manner convinced us to hire him. “BrL” wrote him a check on the spot for the full amount and left it in his “capable” hands. The date was August 16, 2006.

Walsh made a court appearance with my friend a week later, asking the court for a continuance; this was the last time that my friend “BrL” was able to meet with him face to face. All of a sudden, he became very scarce, and it became impossible to reach him in any way. His secretary, Jennifer, became a “buffer” who took messages, and who had to explain what happened when he did not call back himself. First he became sick, then he had an accident, then he was busy, etc.

My friend had to come to court a total of 5 times in the course of the next four months. For the next two appearances, this lawyer sent a “replacement”, a retired lady lawyer. She agreed to show up and cover a couple of the hearings he wasn’t going to attend for some reason or another. Apparently, this lady lawyer was not even paid the small hourly fees that Walsh promised to pay her.

Before the case finally came in front of the judge, my friend had to make a decision. Walsh dropped representing her, did not call her back, and she got into a panic. The substitute lawyer seemed actually quite able to handle the case without any problems. But she refused to keep representing my friend without proper compensation. So my friend had to shell another $1,500 to pay a second lawyer to do the same job that Walsh simply refused to do. When the case finally came before a judge, my friend came away having to do some community service. That’s how the matter finally got resolved.

On January 25, 2007, my friend sent Jason Walsh a letter, asking him for a refund of the fee she paid him. Naturally she never heard a word back. As a matter of last resort, she decided to sue him in Small claim court, and try to get her money this way.

Since I’ve never been in small claim court myself, I am looking forward to accompany her tomorrow and hear the outcome of this case. I wonder how the “Wheels of justice” work, when the defendant is a lawyer himself.

Stay tuned for more -

Update: The hearing was postponed one month. I will follow up when it happens. If you have any comments, please leave them below.

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May 03, 2007

Correct cavity search proceedings

Keep_calm_carry_on The correct way to conduct a strip search

Water workout in a Lebanese prison

Professional Thief robs 4 men on stage

Breaking news: Charges have been dropped against a US man who broke into a barn and spray-painted orange the genitals of three goats

Bad Editorial Choices: Virginia Tech gunman was South Korean


How to spot a pedophile

Lawyer charges client $620,492.84. Bill totals 112 pages. Another lawyer suing: $65 Million for missing pants. Also, The 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All Time

The confessor: How a serial killer was persuaded to admit to his crimes

Chop-shop king built his dream mansion. Then an interior decorator took him down. From His Big House to the Big House

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March 10, 2007

Anti-SLAPP motions

Speeding_ticket Tunisian Prison Map mashup. (From Doc Searls)

Fight in a Israeli Court Room

How Not To Bury an Embarrassing Story

Richy Ramirez” is looking for a friend. (Who is Richy Ramirez?)

Tombstones of Russian mobsters

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket Before and After You Get One

Web of lies

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February 23, 2007

Criminal Defence

Protect_and_serve Prisoners in the Philippines doing the Algorithm March from Pythagoras Switch. (Here is the original Ninja Dance, and the South Pole flavor)

Gangster Art by Michael Bell. (From Information Junk)

Alternate Titles for O.J. Simpson's New Book. Also there, Band Names Rejected by the Smashing Pumpkins

Conversation With A Burglar: The Best Place To Hide Money

Seen all over: Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch, scammer style

A lawyer in Newport Beach is not the father of Anna Nicole's baby

By the way, if you are looking for a good criminal defense attorney in Riverside & Orange Counties, (California), I will recommend Lorene Lynn Mies, Attorney at Law

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January 11, 2007

Urinal Rustlers

Meth_face Faces of Meth. These copyrighted photos from the Multnomah County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office, demonstrate the toll Meth use takes on a person. To see the impact the drug has over months or years of use, mouse over the pictures. (Don't forget your cup of Meth Coffee)

The History of the Supreme Court. (From Presurfer)

To the guy who broke into my apartment last week. First off, my roommate and I would like to thank you for violating the privacy of our home. We’ve always felt that the lock on our door was more of a formality than a necessity anyway. Did you feel welcome? Sorry we weren’t there to offer you a glass of water and a place to sit and chat. Oh, and we apologize for the clutter. Congratulations on your method of entrance. Your crowbar skills were quite effective, and definitely left an artistic mark. The door frame has been reinforced now, but we’ll have the mangled wood on the inside of the door to remind us of your thoughtful visit—it really gives the door and our apartment in general, the character it previously lacked

British police said Friday they were hunting a man who stole a urinal from a pub toilet

US Crime Statistics

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December 05, 2006

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon

Lawyer_gifts Citizen Arrest Warrant Generator

Inside The Unabomber's Cabin. Photographs of the exterior and interior of Kaczynski's cabin near Lincoln, Montana

How not to burglarize a liquor store. (Thank you, G. Jones)

The 100 most influential lawyers in America. Also, Ben Civiletti, Priciest Lawyer in America and the only one to charge $1,000.00 an hour

If you need to buy a gift for a lawyer, or someone becoming a lawyer (ie, pre-law students or law students), then you have come to the right place. Lawyer Gifts

Ugly Girl Killed. Nation Unshaken By Not-So-Tragic Death

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon

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October 11, 2006

Clueless lawyers & Criminals

The_dog_dialed_911 Below are a few gems from “The Dog Dialed 911”, a new book of lists from “The Smoking Gun” website:

A lawyer in need of a proofreader

Letting it all hang out

300,000 reason to marry Lionel Ritchie

A warm place to stash your stash

Zamboni Drunk Driving Rap

Mug shots of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

A Visit to Margaritaville

Mohammed Atta granted visa to enter the US and learn to fly, 6 months after 9/11

Katrina relief funds

A brawl at the salad bar

Ledger of John Gotti, Jr. wedding gifts

Mariah Carey fan mail

80-100 more reasons why The Dave Matthews Band stinks

Also: Tattoo in prison makes molester a marked man

Re-post: Mug shot sets from Least Wanted

A much funnier review of The Dog Dialed 911 book can be found on the Bantarist. If anybody wants to send me free swag in the form of books, CD’s, clothing & housing items, etc., like the good people of Little, Brown & Co. did, please do so.

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September 21, 2006

Attica! Attica!

Attica Fictional Detectives on Stamps

Photo of Chase Manhattan Bank branch located at 450 Avenue P., the actual location of the robbery depicted in Dog Day Afternoon

Jon's Jail Journal. In 2002, British stockbroker Shaun Attwood was arrested in Arizona, charged with money laundering and drugs offences. He spent the next two years awaiting sentence in Maricopa County jail, a cockroach-infested hellhole run by the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio, where inmates endured starvation and frequently attempted suicide. (From Hell on earth)

Crime maps from The Chicago Police Department

An old metal chastity belt

Serial killers

By the way, I received about a dozen emails from readers complaining that the RSS feed on Bloglines for this blog has not been working for the past few weeks, and that the links are inactive. I have no idea how to fix it. Ideas?

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August 29, 2006

Smelling of booze

Ransom_notes_1 "Homeless man accused of raping brother's dog". Could spend 15 years in prison on a sodomy charge

Geriatric mugshots - Florida's Felonious Fogeys. (From C-Cynical)

Self-made knives from Russian prisons. (Also there: Somebody dumped tons of money bills on the field: These bills were in use during Soviet era, and became useless at early 90s)

Drunk lawyer ordered to take Breathalyzer test

Suspicion of Murder - "You solve the mystery" game

Man arrested for 226th time; Nebraska record safe

10 Greatest Robberies of all time

(Pix above sent in by reader Max. It is apparently the last page of a ransom note found at the scene of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, as discovered on Smoking Gun).

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July 31, 2006

Baiting the Nigerian 419 Scammers

No_419 Scam-O-Rama – The Lads from Lagos. Why should scammers have all the fun?

Johnny Cash Mug Shot

The deathbed ramblings of mobster Dutch Schultz

Headline: Murdered - For Falling in Love!

Murder Auction for true crime artifacts

Chicago crime. A freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago

Corporate Crime Reporter. Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Nineties. (This decade coming up)

I Was Assaulted By This Man Who Identified Himself as a Police Officer and Refused to Provide Me Identification. Photography is Not a Crime

News: Giant Inflatable Frog Stolen

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July 01, 2006

Billy, Have You Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?

Peace_activist One of Cuyahoga County Most Wanted Fugitive

A lawyer with a suitable name. (From A Welsh View)

Should be a crime, if it isn’t already: Hoschton man wanted for posing as real estate agent. (Sounds like Phony doctor gives free breast exams)

Put On A Happy Face, you’re going to jail - A Gallery of grinning mug shots

How do I kill ninety-days in the hole? Aside from endless rounds of pushups, reading and writing, what on Earth am I going to do to keep from going out of mind with boredom?

World's prison population: 9 million. USA has about 23% of them all

Friends of Con man Soapy Smith

Charles Manson's Music

Russian Criminal Tattoos. (Some tattoos NSFW)

Have any millionaires ever been executed in the United States?

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April 20, 2006

Choose your crime

Peanut_butter_jar_ Explore the life of 18th Century English criminal

Pedophile Less Interested The More He Views 13-Year-Old's MySpace Profile

Supermax and maximum security prisons. Pictures taken in Pelican Bay Prison

Jack the Ripper Trivia game

Because inmates hide drugs in them, Tennessee prisons now ban large peanut butter jars

Diversion Safes - Hide your stuff in plain sight

Law Enforcement professionals speaking out against the "War on Drugs". (Found on Map Builder)


Early Scams & Anarchy text files from the early days before the web

Fake porn euro notes passed off as real cash

How to Make a Fake. Buy a mid-level Gauguin. Duplicate it. Slap the original papers on the copy. Sell both paintings to gullible collectors, while the art world looks the other way

Real life Chinese Robotcop

A bait car is a generic term used for a vehicle that has been rigged by the police with the intent of capturing car thieves

How to avoid 20 most common diamond buying scams

Crime, Web 2.0 Style. Let's say you wanted to commit a criminal act, but needed a significant amount of money to successfully commit the act. Let's say the commission of the act was the important thing, and that getting caught afterward would be acceptable, if not preferable…

This is another post that I am “co-blogging”, this time with Alex S. who blogs at Neatorama, and who provided most of today’s links. (Previous posts here.) Thank you, Alex! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

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March 20, 2006

Full docket

Supreme_court The Wild Bunch - Seated left to right- Harry A. Longabaugh, alias the Sundance Kid, Ben Kilpatrick, alias the Tall Texan, Robert Leroy Parker, alias Butch Cassidy; Standing- Will Carver & Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry; Photo taken in Fort Worth, Texas, 1901

1995 published proof that The Unabomber was a mathematician

Fire Chief Caught On The Lamb, will always be remembered by his Famous last words!

More at TSG: Motion Denied Because You're An Idiot. Federal judge cites Adam Sandler's "Billy Madison" in order

Long list of teachers accused of having sex with their students

Official page of the United States Supreme Court

2007 Serial killer calendar

Who is the glamorous kitten killer of Hangzhou? China's media have launched a nationwide hunt for a glamorously dressed woman who has been photographed apparently crushing a kitten to death with her stiletto heels. Definitely, a Chinese Bonsai Kitten

(Photo above from Deuce of Clubs). Many More Unusual Links about Crime and Punishment Here

Happy 4 Year Blogiversary today to Sheila Lennon's Subterranean Homepage News!

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January 23, 2006

Bad luck

Fresh_meat_1 America's Electric Chairs

The Yates kids. This site is dedicated to the memory of our precious children, Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates, who died tragically on June 20, 2001

Pervert or Druggie? So you think you know what a sex offender looks like? Take the test. (From ”Paxtonland”)

Jim 'the Hammer' Shapiro is a lawyer in Rochester. He is also INSANE. He tends to advertise late at night, which makes you wonder just what kind of person would look up from the couch in a semi-conscious stupor and proclaim loudly, "CRIPES! I wish he was MY lawyer! I'd better call!" The Battle of the Late Night Lawyers

Nobody is paying any attention to me, and meanwhile the guy who stole my wallet is getting away

Small Town Misfit. Police logs from small town. Latest: Erie County, NY. A man was reported running naked through a store on Walden Avenue while another man was videotaping him

Trailer Park Boys , a community at the margins of society

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, displayed in over 600 tables

Alistair Cooke's bones reported stolen by New York criminals

FBI Famous Cases

Serial killer’s painting brings bad luck, owner says

(Graphic above from Machine Gun Keyboard.) I am away for the weekend. This item had been pre-posted for your enjoyment. Many More Unusual Links about Crime and Punishment Here

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