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January 31, 2004

Eclectic links about the California Recall Election 2003

Circus_tent 10/7/03 - Now that the election is over, this tribute page to the circus that was the "California Recall 2003" will stay unchanged. The Arnold links can now be found on our new Schwarzenegger page. Many of the links here will die soon.

1st openly gay candidate - History in the making! (From "101-365's Ultimate Gubernatorial List" ) - 8/18/033

Schwarzenegger Sound Boards for your entertainment (Turn up your speakers!)

46 presentation videos of the candidates (From "Slipping Acres" ) - 10/3/03

Action Photos (From "Coudal" ) - 9/10/03

A little doobie for the "Governator" - 8/29/03

Anagrams of main Candidates (From "California Recall") - 10/1/03

Animal Farm! Horse For Governor (8/26/03) and Dog For Governor (8/28/03)

Arghnold 1st T-shirt: "Actors speak louder than words" and more Ahnuld shirts here (From "Gegenwelt" - 9/03/03)

Arianna Huffington's Detroit Project (and Rules of the Road - 8/29/03)

Arnold is coming - 8/22/03

Balancing-State-Budget-Game (From "Metafilter" ) - 8/24/03

Ballot Tempering in the 21st Century - 9/15/03

Best Recall Slogan , "Mary Carey or Bust!" - 8/26/03

Biographies off the 11 judges who will rehear the recall election case - 9/19/03

Bob Lynn Edwards, Jr. , Divorce Cases only (From "Faces of the Candidates" ) - 8/21/03

Brawny or Scrawny? by NY-Times' Maureen Dowd

Brian Flemming's letter of resignation had he won the election. (It is modeled after this letter ) - 9/13/03

Bruce Margolin For Governor - "Turn the No. 1 cash crop to the No. 1 tax revenue source!" - 9/01/03

Ballot Solution (From "PreSurfer") - 8/14/03

Candid- Candidate Camera (From "Metafilter" ) - 9/22/03

Campaign Slogans (if any) . I Like "Van Vo - My English is better than Arnold's". (From "Recall Candidates") - 9/13/03

Complete List of ALL 500 wannabes (From "Things Magazine") and Certified List of the 135 Finalists

"Defective Yeti" Google for Governor T-shirt - 10/5/03

Detailed commentaries from the "London Review of Books" about the Recall: "Kindergarten Governor" - 11/7/03

Deva's Bar Ex-party-girl Republican Bar Owner from Tustin - 8/21/03 (Thanks for the pens, Deva!)

Father Guido Sarducci on The Last Supper - (It was actually a brunch)

Final Field Poll 10/5/03

"Flabby-Mann" - 9/7/03

George Schwartzman for Governor - To ban junk food from public schools - 9/11/03

Georgy : Beauty, brains, leadership

Governor Steroid , a strong Anti-Arnold site - 10/1/03

Gray Davis Terminated - 8/14/03 (and Gray Davis Press Releases - 9/05/03)

Gray Davis-to-Arnold morph!!! (From "Chris Benson's Blog" ) - 8/15/03

Greatest Show on Earth - From "Ironic Times": Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Sue State of California Over Recall - Cite plagiarism, copyright infringement, slander and "reckless disparagement of the dignity of circuses everywhere.

"Here are the surprising results of the online Recall Ballot (From the exhaustive site "Recall Arnold") Thanks, Bill Tsangares, candidate dedicated to defeating the recall - 8/23/03

Hero Builders , 12" Talking Action Figure dressed in camo & "Governator" t-shirt - 9/20/03

Homer Simpson Enters Race For Governor (From the LALA-Times) - 9/7/03

How to Rig an Election in the United States from "Truthout" - 8/16/03

Hunter S. Thompson' new nightmare about a fight between Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunset Boulevard ... - 8/24/03

"I can't help thinking how Arnold Schwarzenigger's life would be different if he was born a poor black man"... (From "Attu" ) - 9/25/03

Intel VS. Ken Hamidi - 9/6/03

It had to come to this: Now we have the Which-Recall-Candidate-are-you-game - 8/22/03

Jesse Ventura's advice to "The Governator"

Just plain Recall Jokes - 9/05/03

Kim Jong Il Enters California Governor's Race! "A vote for Kim is a vote for Him" - 8/30/03

Language Removal Services has created the first "language-free" political debate for The Recall (From "Metafilter" ) - 9/22/03. Here is the alleged original concept for this - 10/18/03

Larry Flynt: Freedom Fighter or Goon ? (Also, and How to Become a Millionaire by Larry Flynt - 9/27/03)

Last betting odds on the result of the California Recall election today, as cast by the "Iowa Electronic Markets", (From "Metafilter") - 10/7/03

Mapping Votes by County , results of the Election - 11/24/03

Mary Carey, Adult entertainer (pop-ups!)

Mark Fiore's "Recall Island" - 9/13/03

Mathilda Spak's 101 years old birthday is coming on September 5th, 2003. She was the "99 Cents Only" Stores Honorary Queen when she was 99...

Metro Santa Cruz's 50 Reasons to Not Vote for Arnold for Governor (From "Metafilter") - 9/10/03

Nathan Whitecloud Walton, son of Bill Walton

Neal Pollack - Approx. # 15 out of 158New candidate,

Abner Zurd ("Ab-Zurd"! Get it?) - 9/14/03

Not enough is being devoted to Angelyne's platform

Now that the Election is postponed and may not happen until March, what are you going to do? You may wish to contact all the candidates and tell them what you think (From the excellent "Recall TV" ) - 9/15/03

Ooops, we nearly forgot!... The Governor... - 8/26/03

Peter Frampton , A Reluctant Schwarzenegger Supporter - 8/14/03

Pumping up the girlie-men crowd!! - 1992 - 8/30/03, Thanks, Sigoloff, (and Pumping Irony, by Mark Fiore "135 titles to choose from" - 9/06/03)

Punknews.org's candidate - T.S.O.L. frontman, Jack Grisham

Q & A to the Secretary of State

Quote from Dale F. Ogden's website: "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul"

"Real Clear Politics"s simingly accurate analysis - 8/31/03

Recall Davis dot com and Stop Issa dot org

Recall information from the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley - 9/20/03

"Recall Madness" from "The Los Angeles Times" (Free registration required) - 9/05/03

Recall TV - 9/13/03

Recall Watch Who's giving money to whom? - 8/30/03

Results of "Am I Governor or Not?" survey - 9/6/03

Rich Gosse for Governor - Because Single adults are the Rodney Dangerfields of our society. They "don't get no respect" - 9/11/03

Robert Anton Wilson for the "Guns & Dope Party", a new write-in Candidate - 8/29/03

Run for Governor of California yourself , (From "Cursor")

Save our State - Vote Terry Tate - 8/16/03

Schwarzenegger Finances

Schwarzenegger Home page

Schwarzenegger Horoscope

Schwarzenegger IMDb BioSchwarzenegger Rotten and Photo Zone (Some Nudity)

Schwarzenegger Staff Pledges Confidentiality (From the LA-Times) - 9/20/03

Schwarzenegger "Total Recall" Gear

Scott Mednick sells beer to spring-breakers

Seperated at birth - Cruz and Jon Polito - 8/26/03

Slate's Cartoons about The Recall & the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - 9/27/03

Smoker's Candidate's headquarters "will be your local Cigarettes Cheaper! store"...

Stop Gallagher from smashing any more watermelons , please!

Taco Bell started a 2003 recall drive too - 8/21/03

Time Magazine "Man of the year 1984" - 8/29/03

Todd Lewis's from the "Candidate Deck of Cards" -8/31/03

Trek For Governor - Nice website

Ueberroth's usual subjects of public speaking

Vote for Stewie - 9/19/03

We endorse Brian Tracy - for California Motivational Guru

"We Love Arnold" From the same misguided slackers who brought you the "We Love The Iraqi Information Minister" - 8/18/03

What was candidate Bob ("The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum") Cullenbine doing in Russia? To find out Try to send him email .... - 8/30/03

Who are the mystery men behind the recall push?- 8/23/03

"Who Wants to be the Governor", The Game Show ! - 9/16/03

Why "Night Rider" was canceled - David Hasselhoff and Governor-candidate, Gary Coleman

Woz's Campaign Motto: No Cry Babies

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