February 08, 2004

A few Beatles posts (I have gathered about 300 different links during this unexpected break from blogging, and many of them will be duly added on here. Many of these first posts will not give the appropriate credits, unfortunately...) -

John Lennon's psychedelic 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V . Found thru one of Alan W. Pollack's exhaustive links.

George Harrison MBE playing the Banjo Uke.

The Beatles' Rolling Stone covers from 1967-1997

It was 40 years ago today: "The Beatles Are Coming" : Imagine if the internet had been around in the early 1960's. Experience the birth of Beatlemania through a daily Beatles Blog from 1964.


By the way, the little brain dude that is the logo design for the new blog (taz calls him "GABIE" after Grow-a-Brain/GAB + Gabriel Garcia Marquez) was originally drawn by Alonzo in Seattle. Thank you, man.

What do you think about the little Gabie?

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February 01, 2004

The Original "Eclectic Beatles Links"

Here's our 2003 Beatles link collection from the old "Grow-a-Brain":

183 Beatles Song Facts - You have to scroll the search button yourself - worth the extra work. (From "The Daily Column" ) - 10/5/03

45rpm picture disks - 12/30/03

8-Track Stereo - 11/21/03

Abbey Road - The official Studio website. "Abbey Road" Variations from "Ronsens" - 1/17/04

"A Hard Day's Night", the script

All the Beatles News that are fit to print - 11/12/03

"All Things Must Pass" with a new Flash introduction

All you need is Love (From The official Beatles site )

Anomalies (From "Joseph Brennan's Beatles site") - 8/7/03

Apple Records matchbook

A psycadelic rendering of "I feel Fine" (From "Fiendish")

A very funny MP3 of Peter Sellers reading "A Hard Day's Night" in a fake Tony Blair's voice. (More fun at "Sellers sings the Beatles" )! - 12/24/03

Baby Beatles - 8/10/03

"Bagism" Hall of Fame: Fans who answered at least 300 trivia quiz questions correctly... - 9/8/03

Beatles Autographs

Beatles Barkers and Cathy Berberian, Beatles songs go baroque

Beatles Brunch - 8/7/03

Beatles Desktop Themes and Winaps Skins (From "Idle Hands" )

Beatles Discography

Beatles for Sale - 10/26/03

Beatlesjuice are just one of the many Beatles Tribute bands - 11/9/03

Beatles Lunchbox & Thermos (From "Lunchbox Bonanza" ) - 10/25/03

Beatles Tours

Beatology - The magazine for fans and collectors

"Blue Jay Way", the real street

Carnival of Light , The Beatles' most mysterious unreleased track - (From "Abbeyrd" ) - 8/19/03

Christmas Records and Japanese Singles - 10/7/03

Database of Interviews - 9/8/03

Dave Dermon's Beatles Singles Pages

David Levine draws Lennon and The Beatles

Edibles (From "Rarities" ) - 7/27/03

"Eleanor Rigby" palyed on Peterson Tuners' Beer Bottle Organ

Electric Amish - 8/6/03

Every Beatles song with lyrics and info (from Steve Hamel) and Alan W. Pollack's Analysis of 193 Beatles songs

Everything you wanted to know about the Butcher Cover (From "Beatles Fans" )and Sealed mono Butcher cover 26-year value graph - 7/27/03

FBI Files of John Lennon - 8/10/03

For the benefit of Mr. Kite

George Harrison Handwriting Font

"Get back"

Get your "Beatle Boots" (From "J-Walk" ) - 1/19/04

Girls' Romances # 109 (From "Beatles Comics" ) - 9/13/03

Grapefruit - 07/10/03

Graphite Sketches of the Beatles

Hamburg Days - 9/19/03

Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Bootleg Guide ($5 Registration required)

Harrison’s Birth Chart and Discography

"Help" covers from all over the world. ( "Help!" was the first LSD -Oriented Beatles Song )

"I buried Paul" (From "Turn me On, Dead Man" )

"Imagine" after September 11

"In His Own Write" - 07/10/03

"I met A Beatle" - Readers' survey

Instant Karma

Life of Brian Epstein

John & Yoko Fantasies

John Lennon with Senator John Kerry (From "Drudge Report" ) - 7/11/03

Kata (KAY - Tuh) Billups paints icons of pop cultures in unusal settings. Like "Jesus who comes in for tea & startles the Beatles" - 1/7/04

Leaving Las Vegas - 12/22/03

Lennon and Mccartney Guitar Chord archive - 10/18/03

Let it Be... Naked - 11/15/03

Linda McCartney's tasty vegetarian recipes (and will )

Liverpool's Knobs and Knockers...

Liverpool Taxi Drivers (From "Bifurcated Rivets") - 8/19/03

London Beatles homes (From Glenn Gass's Beatles site ) - 7/26/03

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (From "The Internet Beatles Album" ) - 7/30/03

Lyrics for "Blackbird" and for "Number 9"

Mark David Chapman's copy of "Double Fantasy" is going for Auction. Here is a wild Conspiratorial Comic Strip of the assassination - 11/30/03

Mark Prindle's Interactive Reviews of The Beatles - 9/19/03

Marsha Albert, the girl who jump-started Beatlemania - 1/16/04

Mix your own Revolution No. 9 ! (From "Incoming Signals" ) - 11/24/03

News from "Beatles Unlimited" - 9/28/03

New version of "Let it Be" - 9/19/03

Now it can be told - The Truth about John Lennon's murder . It was Reagan, Nixon, Kermit & Steven King who pulled the trigger... - 10/13/03

Paul McCartney Gets Back Home (from "Yahoo" through "Bart Cop" )

Paul McCartney's office in Soho Square - 1/17/04

Paul's Pot-Bust Shocker - 12/28/03

Pete Shotton of the The Querrymen - 9/28/03

Poster Company Removes Cigarette From "Abbey Road"

Rare Concert Tickets (From "The Beatles Museum" ) - 7/18/03

Reel Beatles - 10/19/03

Remember "Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band" from Beatallica - Beatles tunes, done Metallica style ? (From "Coolios" ) - 7/15/03

Ringo's New Book "Postcards from the Boys" - 12/8/03

Rubber Soul: The Liverpool Pub , The Canadian Cover Band and the Recreational Camp - 11/28/03

"She Loves You" , The girls of "The Beatles" (From "Daily Jive" ) - 12/4/03

Strawberry Fields Forever XIV Bike event, May 18, 2003

Stuart Sutcliffe - 8/7/03

Symmetrical faces with Photoshop - 8/3/03

The abridged White Album

The Beatles Christmas records

The Butcher Cover Collectible

The Evolution of Beatles' Recording Technology (From "Catch" ) - 10/25/03

The Influence of the Beatles on Charles Manson and 'Why did Manson think "Helter Skelter" was about a race war? '

The John Lennon Nursery Collection…

The Mathew Street Area in Liverpool

The Rutles Tragical Mystery Tour. Also: "The Rutles and the Use of Specific Models in Musical Satire" , by John R. Covach (from the 1991 edition of Indiana Theory Review)

The "Sgt. Pepper" boxed set that never was By Terry Ott

The Spanish Beatles Page

Thrillington , Paul McCartney's most obscure and least known album - 10/2/03

Time Magazine cover, December 22, 1980

'Tourists' fail Beatles quiz - 8/23/03

Ukelele Beatles Fun (Thank you, John Warner ) - 9/10/03

"Yellow Submarine" lava lamp just in time for Christmas - 12/21/03

"Walls & Bridges" Lithograph (From "Sugar-n-Spicy" ) - 8/11/03

What is the biggest threat to your careers, the atom bomb or dandruff? ...
Ringo: "The atom bomb. We've already got dandruff"... - From: "Beatles Quotes" - 8/17/03

When did George Harrison visit Illinois and Why? (From "abuddhas memes" )

Which Beatles Album Are You? - 12/25/03

"Who Killed John Lennon?" - 1/17/04

Yellow Submarine Ascii pictures (From "Who else?" ) - 11/6/03

Yoko Art and Yoko Wish tree

Yoko Ono's "Walking on Thin Ice" , a DJ favorite - 9/23/03

Zen and The Beatles' Revolver

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