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November 14, 2009


Learn Italian with Fabio

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 Tu vuò fà l'americano, by Renato Carosone

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 Victorian Visions of the Year 2000

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10 jokes about Joe Lieberman & his threat to filibuster any health care bill which includes a public option

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Healthcare reform and the public option are all horseshit. They all come down to folks just wanting other people to buy things for them. You want to be healthy? Take care of yourself. You have cancer and can't afford to pay the bills? Then get a loan. No one will lend to you because they think you won't be able to pay it back? Hmmm...let's think about that. Maybe you are not worth spending the money on. Yes, I know we are all priceless wonderful creatures, etc. Except that there is a price. Why should someone else pay the bills for you?

When you go into a restaurant do you send your bill to the next table? Why the hell not?

Posted by: D'd'd'dave at Nov 14, 2009 9:42:01 AM