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April 30, 2009

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments

(More Inside)

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Marcus Miller plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 30, 2009 12:52:27 AM

"And the best part… when they're done they can use them all over again." Priceless.

Posted by: Mik at Apr 30, 2009 2:41:22 AM

Hello Mik & ILuvNufc. Thanks for sticking around

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 30, 2009 7:39:30 AM

Hitler Masturbating by Salvador Dali
- WTF Sal?!

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 30, 2009 8:01:43 AM

On his first day at his new home in Preston Hollow, Texas, Bush said he kicked his feet up and hollered, “Baby, free at last!” To which, he cracked, Laura responded, “‘Yeah, you’re free to take out the trash. Consider it your new domestic-policy agenda.’”

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 30, 2009 8:33:39 AM