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March 16, 2009

Mr. Madoff Goes To Jail

Madoff_in_jail It's a sad state of affairs that there are people in the world who come to a point in their life where they think that the best thing they can do with their life is to strap a bunch of explosives to their torso and walk into a group of innocent civilians and blast them to smithereens. Most of the time, you just hear about it afterwards, but in this case, an (un)lucky photographer caught the blast in a series of photographs probably well before he or anyone at the religious procession knew what was going on. (From I heart chaos)

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Driving a Nuclear Submarine Through Britain's Roads, and other pictures of Submarine construction and decommissioning

Crack-heads and Prostitutes. These are pictures of crackheads in the alley behind my apartment. Go Seattle!

New Jersey to ban Brazilian Waxing

Photo above of Bernie Madoff is by Duncan Quirk

One story of many: Bernie Madoff screws leukemia patient

A Huge Depository of Off Beat News Stories Here

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