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March 22, 2009

“Hey man, whoever you are, what you been up to?”

 Dylan obamiconI once met Bob Dylan, or should I say he once met me. The Night I Met Bob Dylan, by John Anderson. (From Coudal)

 Visions of Johanna” cover by flippy1234

 The Bob Dylan Hand-Signed Harmonica Sets are now available for sale. A letter from the President of Hohner, Inc., is included, confirming authenticity. Limited to twenty-five sets. Each 7 Harmonica Hand-Signed Box Set: $25,000.00...

 "Dreamin' Of You" (From Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8), featuring Harry Dean Stanton with sepia-tinted blues. On Dylan’s YouTube channel

 - - - - - - - -

 Hey Mr. Alan Greenspan play along with me,
I’m not greedy, but there ain’t no place to retire to.
Hey Mr. Alan Greenspan, play along with me,
An’ my IRA will soar with boneheads followin’ you.

Take me to the room where you guys all decide the rates,
With no public debates, you cast away our fates,
Waitin’ only for the networks to come fawnin,
The business cycle threatens me, you try to push and pull,
You feed us loads of bull, you really are just full.
Of it and most of us investors sit here yawnin'.

 - - - - - - - -

Rubin Carter, a motivational speaker

 Malibu residents upset at Dylan's outhouse

(Graphic above from Obamicon)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Dylan Links Here

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There's a funny song from Andrew Lorand called "Bob Dylan's 300 Game". Big bowler, that Zimmy. Biiig bowler. I have spent the last half hour trying to find a video or working audio clip, but no dice.

Posted by: captnkurt at Mar 27, 2009 6:20:17 PM