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December 22, 2008

The disappointment of the goat

Roasted_goat …In the summer of 2000, my band headlined an outdoor pig roast in the woods of Maine. A hundred people, a warm night, an excess of loud music and cold booze all leading up to the main event: the unveiling of the pig. Buried in a pit of coals since early that afternoon, it was scheduled to rise out of the ground like a delicious zombie around ten PM. But the pig took its time, arriving four beer-soaked hours late to meet a frenzied crowd that became piranhas in a David Attenborough special at the sight of it. We surrounded it, tearing at it with bare hands, stuffing pig flesh into our mouths with one claw while reaching for more with the other. It was a vision of man reduced to his basest state: grunting, eating, swallowing, slobbering, wiping his hands on his shirt and going back for more

(From Our Delhi Struggle)

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Hi Hanan,
Just wanted to wish you and yours all the best over the holidays!
cheers, Mike

Posted by: Mike at Dec 22, 2008 1:06:20 PM