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December 22, 2008

Door of the Month

Door of the Month at “I Prefer Paris”

The Slimmest Houses On Earth Are Made In Japan. (From Gizmodo)

Norwegian-styled Graffiti. This summer, the Norwegian government invited two well-known street artists by the names of Dolk and Pobel to turn abandoned warehouses and houses into something a bit more attractive

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Un-related: Celtic Images on Google. (From Rivets)

Huge Depositories of Unique Doors and other Unusual Architectural Links Here

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I wish more doors that that old "knocker" on them as the alternative to the door bell. I know it's not necessary to have it on there, but it can give the whole house a unique feel, especially the nice little cottage homes. The Interior doors can also continue the theme of the home if they are picked correctly or decorated nicely to fit. For example, the doors that were in my parents house looked very out of place, so they took them off and put up curtains for a temporary solution until they were able to replace the doors.

Posted by: Sam at Sep 28, 2009 11:52:05 AM