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November 08, 2008

The new Thunder & Lightning show

Obamas_white_house In Hebrew, Rahm (רעם)* means “thunder” and Barack (ברק) means “lightning”! (From NJDC)

Obama Rally Missed Connections on craigslist. (From Coudal)

Listen to Terry Gross' in-depth interview with Robert Kuttner, author of Obama's Challenge, about the many Herculean obstacles the president-elect faces — and what it will take to tackle them (Highly recommended)

Obama's Gridiron Speech from March 2006

Moneygall, Ireland: The Ancestral Home of O’Bama

Midnight at the Lincoln Memorial, by Rose Marie Berger

Breakfast in Colorado: Bacon beats Fries in Fort Collins race

Lots more Obama cookies & cakes and 1240 cupcakes

The Heimlich

The New Sheriff Is In

Cartoon by Mr. Fish above from Harper’s

Update: If you haven't done before, start learning about Cory Booker (whose website looks very familiar...)

Update no. 2: Who will play the movie Obama?

Much more about the 2008 Election. Also, the 2004 election and other Political Posts Here

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