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November 16, 2008

Pickin’ Cotton

Cotton_picking The results of the recent presidential election, on county level are below. Blue counties voted for Obama, red ones for McCain (darker hues representing larger majorities). In spite of Obama’s national victory, and barring Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, all Southern states (i.e. all states formerly belonging to the Confederacy) went for McCain. The pattern of pro-Obama counties in those southern states corresponds strikingly with the cotton-picking areas of the 1860s, especially along the Louisiana-Mississippi and Mississippi-Alabama borders.

- From Pickin’ Cotton to Pickin’ Presidents

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I Voted for Two. (From message for Obama pool on flickr)

Obama Action Figures. (From Village Voice)

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Barack atah Illinois
Elohenu melech ha'obama,
hoo-ray p'ri ha-electoral landslide.


(Thank you, Abbit the average)

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