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November 01, 2008

Don't look down

Maple_syrup It's that time of year again. We have made maple syrup and sometimes wine every year since we have lived out here. This year we tapped 23 Silver Maple trees and just started collecting the sap.

This nifty gadget is called a spile and fits into a hole drilled into the tree. The hook on top allows a bucket or sap sack to be hung directly from it.

The tree end is tapered so tapping with a hammer makes a leak-proof seal.

The rate of drip depends on the weather conditions and varies from zero to about one per second

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Naughty by Nature

Also, Naughty Patches, part 2

Climbers explore the murky abyss of 3,100ft deep underground shaft in China

(Photo above by Peter J. Singhofen)

A Huge Depository of Nature’s Unusual Mysteries Here

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