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October 26, 2008

Zen and the art of foreclosure

Zen_surfing The South Bay's reigning King of Foreclosures runs around barefoot, doesn't own a cellphone and drives an 8-year-old Toyota Tundra pickup.

And without looking the part, Leo Nordine, an affable Hermosa Beach-based real estate broker, expects to average one escrow closing a day this year -- something that would make most agents salivate.

Nordine, a 45-year-old native son and surfer didn't just catch the current foreclosure tidal wave, he has sold 3,500 bank-owned homes during the last two decades. He credits his uncanny ability to time the real estate market's cycles and position himself to reap its rewards as the key to his extraordinary success. And he does it all from the comfort of his home overlooking the Strand in Hermosa Beach.

Little about Nordine's road to riches is typical. He is a case study in how an intense young man without a formal education can be propelled by his drive and work ethic to the height of success - even when he doesn't live and breathe his job.

What's important to me," Nordine says, "is family, surfing and work -- in that order."

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Surfer Leo Nordine is L.A.'s "king of foreclosures"

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Posted by: kgirl at Oct 27, 2008 9:45:20 AM

Wow, respect! Real estate agents are usually fixed in people's minds like little guys going around in a cheap suit and trying to sell you anything (I especially like Gil from the Simpsons!) But the reality is so different - we know how to enjoy our lives too! And it more interesting that this guy is doing foreclosures - I have been always sure you can do excellent real estate business even during hard crisis.
Take care

Posted by: Toronto real estate agent at Oct 31, 2008 7:27:41 AM

My wife and I have sold something like 200-300 foreclsoures in last 10 years. Hard to deal with at times and a bit dangerours too in some locations but it is a business worth doing.

Posted by: George at Nov 12, 2008 4:35:25 AM