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October 31, 2008

Army of Darkness

By Carrotkid. (From LangweileDich)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Holiday Links Here

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October 29, 2008


With Chris Matthews take

Many Other Stories of Heroes and Sheroes Here

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I snorted my dad

Wtf_stamp 'Breaking News' stories of NY Post needlepoint pillows, created by Brigid Berlin, a former Warhol superstar

Stair Porn, a blog about stairs. (From Hello Bauldoff)

Creative Trading cards at Glyph Jockey

Ideographic Alphabet (Chairphabet) by Amandine Alessandra, based on research work by linguist Ferdinand de Saussure

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Those that know me know I am a sucker for multitudes. Many of anything intrigues me more than single things ever could. So it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to find out that I took 2925 dice and formed them into a bitmap image of the Madonna. That’s the Madonna, and not just plain ol’ Madonna. Madonna by Robert Hodgin

A Huge Depository of Unusual Design Concepts Here

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Sugar High

Sugar_cube_art The creator of these amazing sculptures using sugar cubes is artist Brendan Jamison. (From Crooked Brains)

A Romanian Chewing Gum Sculptor. (From Rivet)

Also, a special McDonald menu from Hungary. (From Szanalmas)

Diwali sweets

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986F 64B9 3005 E03E
FC42 A41E BD57 3179 -
Do Not Post Pictures of This Sign to the Internet

Huge Depositories of unique links about Candy Art And Other Unusual Desserts Here

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American Cheese

 Tina_fey_palin American Cheese with Barack, McCain, Biden & Palin. Printed with liquid photo emulsion on individual slices

Wasilla’s is all I saw Palin-dromed

The Palin Effect at TPM

Another good reason to wait until someone is dead before you start naming things after him or her

Election Prediction by Craig Shirley, a Reagan biographer: My prediction is that with Acorn's help, Obama will win 107 percent of the popular vote and 600 Electoral College votes. Just like other Socialist candidates around the world. I further predict that the Democrats first action will be issue a bounty on the heads of all Bushies---if conservatives don't do it first

Two of a kind (YT)

Obama 1961 birth announcement from Honolulu Advertiser. This Honolulu Advertiser announcement of Barack Obama's Aug 4, 1961 birth was published August 13, 1961 on page B-6. It is available only on microfilm in Hawaii libraries. It has never been posted online in spite of the extensive controversy over Obama's birth certificate. The announcement is 4th from the bottom of the left hand column. (From Wikileaks)

Hope - An intangible object within every American that is destroyed every four years in November. More definitions at the Election Glossary from The Onion

By the way, I’ve been getting tons of hits from StumbleUpon recently, but I have no idea where is the 'Stumble'. If you know where it is, please email me the link. Thanks

Much more about the 2008 Election. Also, the 2004 election and other Political Posts Here

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October 26, 2008

The sky is falling


The Best (And Worst) Recession 2008 Covers

In 2002, German Spiegel magazine depicted the "Bush warriors" on its cover. Tomorrow, we'll see the follow-up cover

500 magazines with Frank Zappa on their cover. (Click to see better). Also, Don’t eat the yellow snow globe. (From Speakeasy)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Newspapers and Magazines Here

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I was thinkin' about turquoise

Isis Dylan and Allen Ginsberg at Kerouac’s grave, Lowell, MA – 1975 (photo by Ken Regan)

100’s of Dylan t-shirts. From Isis Magazine, the longest running Bob Dylan magazine still in print

I ain't gonna work for Maggie's brother no more.
No, I ain't gonna work for Maggie's brother no more.
Well, he hands you a nickel,
He hands you a dime,
He asks you with a grin
If you're havin' a good time,
Then he fines you every time you slam the door.
I ain't gonna work for aggie's brother no more. (From Bicoastal)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Dylan Links Here

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Zen and the art of foreclosure

Zen_surfing The South Bay's reigning King of Foreclosures runs around barefoot, doesn't own a cellphone and drives an 8-year-old Toyota Tundra pickup.

And without looking the part, Leo Nordine, an affable Hermosa Beach-based real estate broker, expects to average one escrow closing a day this year -- something that would make most agents salivate.

Nordine, a 45-year-old native son and surfer didn't just catch the current foreclosure tidal wave, he has sold 3,500 bank-owned homes during the last two decades. He credits his uncanny ability to time the real estate market's cycles and position himself to reap its rewards as the key to his extraordinary success. And he does it all from the comfort of his home overlooking the Strand in Hermosa Beach.

Little about Nordine's road to riches is typical. He is a case study in how an intense young man without a formal education can be propelled by his drive and work ethic to the height of success - even when he doesn't live and breathe his job.

What's important to me," Nordine says, "is family, surfing and work -- in that order."

- - - - - - - - - - -

Surfer Leo Nordine is L.A.'s "king of foreclosures"

A Huge Depository of Unusual Real Estate Stories Here

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Eating fugu

Fugu_puffer I’m an unemployed vagrant. All I have is a backpack full of technology, a shoestring budget and a very important list of 50 things to do. When everything is crossed off my list I get to go home. (Not to be confused with Amtrakker)

- - - - - - - - - - -

What do you want to do before you die?

100 things that every good omnivore should have tried at least once in their life

Dave Freeman, co-author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, a travel guide and ode to odd adventures that inspired readers and imitators, died after hitting his head in a fall at his home. He was 47.

A Huge Depository of Things to do before you die Here

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The Wrecking Crew

Wrecking_crew Thomas Frank reads from his new book “The Wrecking Crew”, plus interviews. (From Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, by Matthew Yglesias)

In exactly the same vain: Sailboat Fuel from the previously-blogged 'The Great Iraq Swindle'

Robert Barnett, the Washington insider who made Obama rich

I have a dream - Only 8.88. (60+ hilarious pages found at Photo Basement)

"You two told me I could keep the clothing!"

Also, The Sarah Palin Wardrobe Challenge: Kathryn Builds Entire Wardrobe for the Candidate for Less Than $2500

Wassup 2008

Huge Depositories of Political Posts, specifically the 2008 and 2004 Elections Here

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I hate sandcastles

Homer Simpson Sand Art

I hate sandcastles

Huge Depositories of Sand Sculptures Galleries and Ice Sculptures Galleries Here

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October 24, 2008

Rotten kids... you work your life out

...Everything... every single thing that took place in that courtroom, but I mean everything... says he's guilty. What d'ya think? I'm an idiot or somethin'? Why don't cha take that stuff about the old man; the old man who lived there and heard every thing? Or this business about the knife! What, 'cause we found one exactly like it? The old man SAW him. Right there on the stairs. What's the difference how many seconds it was? Every single thing. The knife falling through a hole in his pocket... you can't PROVE he didn't get to the door! Sure, you can take all the time hobblin' around the room, but you can't PROVE it! And what about this business with the El? And the movies! There's a phony deal if I ever heard one. I betcha five thousand dollars I'd remember the movies I saw! I'm tellin' ya: every thing that's gone on has been twisted... and turned. This business with the glasses. How do you know she didn't have 'em on? This woman testified in open court! And what about hearin' the kid yell... huh? I'm tellin' ya, I've got all the facts here...

More of Brandon Hardesty’s excellent re-enactments: Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo, Howard Beale in Network, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, Tony Montana in Scarface, and more. Brandon's blog

A Huge Depository of Unusual Film Directors and other Other Movie Links Here

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Bong Hits For Jesus

Bong_hits_for_jesus Barbie Bong, Da bong and other Bong-Related Images from Flickr

99 Ecstasy tablets on flickr

Re-post: New gifs by James Koehnline (Click on “Next” on top left corner)

Partial List of cover art by design group Hipgnosis

Crystal Head vodka

A Huge Depository of many illegal drugs especially Acid and Pot Here

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October 23, 2008

My sombrero for your kayak

Sombrero So, you finally realized that kayaks are work. You would much rather replace all that sweaty paddling with a cool, shady nap under a wide-brim hat dreaming of nachos.

You think about all the space in your garage that kayak's taking up and just start to count how many jars of salsa you could fit on that shelf.

You remember last Cinco de Mayo when you showed up to the big party sans sombrero. Someone threw a bell pepper at your head.

Don't you think it's about time you traded in that kayak for a nice comfortable sombrero?

Okay. How about I also throw in a pinata with 300 dollars worth of loose change?

Think about it...If you no longer need that 10-12 foot sit on top kayak, I have a sombrero that----and I'm not even lying-----would look stunning on you.

You think you look good in that poncho of yours, you just wait until the ladies get a load of you in that sombrero. Meow, indeed.

I will trade my sombrero for your kayak

(From The Original Joe Fisher)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Also: I thought I should try something new and different for my interview on Tuesday. Who wouldn't hire me?

Hand designed shoes by Seth Brau

A Huge Depository of Unusual Fashion Trends As Well As Growabrain T-shirt Closet Collection Here

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Manhole Ginza

Japanese_colors Japanese wasanbon and 9 other Exotic Sweeteners

The traditional colors of Japan are a collection of colors traditionally used in Japanese Literature, textiles such as kimono, and other Japanese arts and crafts. (From wikipedia)

Perhaps best known for his '70s album covers for Miles Davis, Santana, the Beatles, etc., Tadanori Yokoo is arguably the most influential Japanese graphic designer of the Twentieth Century. Tadanori Yokoo posters

Vintage Japanese matchbox ads. (From Pink Tentacle)

A quiet residential street in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward boasts perhaps the highest manhole density in town, with 85 of them scattered along a 200-meter stretch of pavement. (From Picdit)

A small Tokyo broom store has not had a customer since 1972. (From Carolina Naturally)

(gif above from ColourLovers)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Japanese Links Here

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