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September 28, 2008

Suspension of disbelief

I have decided to suspend any blogging activities on grow-a-brain until further notice so that I can adequately ponder the implications of the economic bailout program...

- - - - - - - -

October 9 Update: So did Marc Ambinder...

Meanwhile you can visit more than five years of archive posts here

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Posted by: nemimi at Sep 29, 2008 12:02:57 AM

Wow. Good luck.

I hope you share some of your findings.

Posted by: John M. at Sep 29, 2008 4:46:22 AM

I'll miss you, Hanan. Stay cool.

Posted by: Cuidado at Sep 29, 2008 5:16:18 AM

I will miss you, too. Good luck.

Posted by: suz @ aliVe in wonnderland at Sep 29, 2008 7:02:15 AM

come back soon and keep on keepin' on

Posted by: raspop at Sep 29, 2008 12:08:24 PM

Understood. It's a hard time for you and you will need time to think. Come back soon and thanks for leaving the archive here to keep us warm! I need to look through the first year and a bit before I found your site so that will be a total pleasure.
Enjoy a nice quiet, productive think. x

Posted by: Julie at Sep 29, 2008 12:43:56 PM

Pendant, ce temps-là, en France, on relit ses classiques (including Coleridge).
Just hope you'll be back.

Posted by: carwin at Sep 29, 2008 1:50:01 PM

Best of luck! I go through similar phases---even deleted my entire blog once!---so can somehow relate. Peace...

Posted by: Thombeau at Sep 29, 2008 2:13:55 PM

Good luck Hanan. Thanks for all your efforts.

Posted by: Chad at Sep 29, 2008 4:41:18 PM

Wait wait wait.... This was supposed to be an ironic post, alluding to a minor political stunt that happened last week.... See http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-welch26-2008sep26,0,6786016.story .... I guess nobody thought it was that funny - or obvious.... Sorry -

Posted by: Hanan Levin - Grow-a-brain at Sep 29, 2008 4:48:12 PM

i am glad you weren't serious, such an endeavor could have serious unpleasant consequences. Although if you were to become an expert in the bail out, you could profit by setting yourself up as a consultant just like Rudy Guiliani intends to do.

Posted by: Julie at Sep 29, 2008 5:02:53 PM

Great Link Hanan! You always find the best stuff. I laughed for a bit on that one.

Posted by: Bill at Sep 29, 2008 5:35:26 PM

Is this more whining because you're feeling unappreciated?

Will anyone notice?. . lol

Posted by: Zeek at Sep 30, 2008 3:50:19 AM

No need to apologize, Hanan; it was funny and pretty obvious in light of recent events. The heading, Suspension of disbelief, describes perfectly what's required to take McCain's political theatre seriously.

Anyway, it's clear all your supporters will be pleased that you've decided to suspend the suspension.

Posted by: Mac at Sep 30, 2008 3:52:32 AM

Oh Good! Sorry, I didn't see that bit of news - ashamed to say we are at saturation point in UK with our own party political conferences going on right now and lots of recent coverage of Obama and Palin etc. I had to make the decision not to watch or listen any more as I was getting curiosity-fatigue!
Very pleased it was a joke. I thought you were having a hard time in real estate and had gone into retreat!!

Posted by: Julie at Sep 30, 2008 2:37:53 PM

That was hilarious. I thought it was obvious, and was all WTF when I read the comments. Thanks for the laugh!

Posted by: Patti at Sep 30, 2008 3:15:27 PM

Let me know your findings

Posted by: Miriam Samaniego at Sep 30, 2008 4:57:41 PM

The Sentinel made one of the greatest stories ever with this one.

Posted by: Moon at Sep 30, 2008 6:55:59 PM

HAHA! I must admit that went right over my head. Of course you've been known to cry wolf before.

Posted by: chad at Sep 30, 2008 9:49:00 PM

Sorry to hear this, as I just came across your site for the first time! I'll be reading some older posts in the meantime.

Posted by: Todd Andrews at Oct 1, 2008 6:39:55 AM

Until you outted yourself, I just figured it was an admirable excuse to take a little blogging vacay. Now, of course, I may feel free to use it myself whenever possible... "Can you hold this ladder for me?" "Sorry, dude, I'm busy pondering the bailout situation." "Oh... okay."

Posted by: LeeAnn at Oct 1, 2008 12:47:03 PM

I thought "what the heck is Hanan doing a McCain for?" I think real estate is going to recover sooner than later. Living in America is still a big goal of many people.

Posted by: Mr. Natural at Oct 3, 2008 4:31:12 PM