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September 28, 2008

Running the extra mile


…The sun was rising behind the hills over Crystal Springs reservoir this morning at 6:20am, but you couldn’t see it yet. There was just enough light to brighten the overcast sky and to make the threaded wisps of mist rising off the slate-dark water stand out clearly. But the day hadn’t properly begun, and all was quiet, unmoving, cool. I looked to my right and thought I saw a hawk soaring low out of the trees, just above head level and about 20 feet off the path. It was brown and black and had barred wings. But as I looked, I realized that it had a blunt, flat face and a downward-curving beak: An owl!

It glided silently on behind me and out of sight.

I’d been running for fifty minutes, and was about five miles away from my house…

Running the extra mile by Dylan F. Tweney

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(Photo above by Thomas Hawk)

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