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September 13, 2008

Oscar Wilde playing cards

Oscar_wilde_beardsley Oscar Wilde playing cards created in 1986 by artist Rosita Fanto in association with Wilde biographer Richard Ellmann. (From John Coulthart). Fanto and Ellmann also created a card set based on James Joyce’s life and work. A statue of Oscar Wilde in Dublin

Also, the World's Most Expensive Chess Set

Robert Heinlein engineered his own nerdy solution to a problem common to famous authors: how to deal with fan mail. In the days before the internet, Heinlein's solution was fabulous. He created a one page FAQ answer sheet -- minus the questions. Then he, or rather his wife Ginny, checked off the appropriate answer and mailed it back. (Click to enlarge)

A long list of notable people who converted to Islam (wikipedia)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Literary Links Here

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