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September 13, 2008

Deconstruct this Invitation

Black_magic_woman …”What relationship do the following songs have with each other: Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown (1965) Refugee (1979) Stairway to Heaven (1971) Black Magic Woman (1970) Band on the Run (1973) Walk This Way (1975) Tequila Sunrise (1973)

A class-mate of mine gets invited to a party each year where the invitation gives a hidden clue as to who the musical guest will be. This year's is a stumper and so we're turning to Big Green for help.

While there may be a music-related link here (i.e. lyrical, writer, producer, etc), it could very well be something entirely non-musical. Any MeFi music buffs find any relationship at all with those songs?...”

- An interesting puzzle on Ask Mefi. (Scroll all the way down for discussion, and eventually, the solution)

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“Bruce wins the race, but he gets no trophy”, and other Lateral Thinking Puzzles

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