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August 07, 2008

The Selling of the President 1968

Selling_the_president The original dust jacket of Joe McGinniss' The Selling of the President 1968 has Richard Nixon's face emblazoned on a package of cigarettes.

To value that image at a thousand words is parsimonious. It elicits a multiplicity of responses to Nixon and to his 1968 campaign: clever, slick, amoral, dangerous, familiar, branded, and addictive. (Yes, addictive. How long was Nixon in American political life?)

In sum, Richard Nixon was very, very bad for America -- and some very skilled men persuaded voters to buy him anyway.

- Re-visiting ‘All the President's Mad Men’ by Richard Byrne

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Except for the Watergate shenanigans, Nixon was actually a pretty good president when you look at his accomplishments.

Posted by: Bunk Strutts at Aug 8, 2008 12:56:15 AM

Compared to Satan, Jack the Ripper looks like a dead pope.

Posted by: scott at Aug 8, 2008 8:24:30 PM

Compared to tinkertoys, a Chrysler 440 engine looks like a salamander.

Posted by: Bunk Strutts at Aug 8, 2008 11:07:20 PM