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July 25, 2008

No Maps for These Territories

Gibson Today's featured article on wikipedia is a lengthy biography of William Gibson. Quote:

...In 1967, he elected to move to Canada in order "to avoid the Vietnam war draft". At his draft hearing, he honestly informed interviewers that his intention in life was to sample every mind-altering substance in existence. Gibson has observed that he "did literally evade the draft, as they never bothered drafting me"; after the hearing he went home and purchased a bus ticket to Toronto, and left a week or two later. In the biographical documentary No Maps for These Territories (2000) Gibson said that his decision was motivated less by conscientious objection than by a desire to "sleep with hippie chicks" and indulge in hashish….

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Also: Drupli Bacon

An Amish Liberace fan, and other Things you’ve never seen. (Reminds me of this old post: George Carlin’s People I Can Do Without)

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