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July 27, 2008

Walter, this isn't a First Amendment Thing

No_country Carter Burwell’s notes about his score for "No Country For Old Men". Film composer Carter Burwell is the composer for all the Coen brothers films

Another long-time Coen contributor is J. Todd Anderson who produces detailed storyboards for each film

The Naked Man is a 1998 comedy that J. Todd Anderson directed, which was co-written by Anderson and Ethan Coen. The plot centers on "Dr. Edward Blis, Jr, a chiropractor by day, moonlights as a professional wrestler at night. His wrestling name is the Naked Man and he wears a naked body suit when wrestling. After his parents and wife are killed by a cripple with crutches, which double as machine guns and an Elvis Presley impersonator he loses his sanity. He adopts the persona of his wrestling character and goes on a rampage of revenge..."

The long list of frequent Coen Brothers' collaborators. Here is the family tree sorted by actors

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No Country For Raising Arizona. Parallels between two Coen Brothers movies. With screen captures & video. Also, Genre VS. Iconography in No Country and Raising Arizona

PomPom dressed as Walter Sobchak from the 2005 Homestar Runner Halloween special

Lebowski Podcast

A Huge Depository of Unusual Links About The Movies of Coen Brothers Here

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interesting post, I always found it interesting that teh Coen Brothers and J Todd Anderson did a lot together.

Posted by: VA Refinance at Jul 28, 2008 7:59:22 AM