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July 17, 2008

GoogleUnique names

Naming_children There are many contemporary strategies for naming children. You can echo family traditions or heritage. You can try to balance given names with too-unusual or too-common family names. You can refer to people, places and qualities you admire. Our you can name children purely for the poetry of the sound, or in nod to the circumstances of the times, or your aspirations for them. You can find names that either fit in or stand out. All these ways work.

Recently I've noticed two new strategies in naming children.

One I call the global brand naming strategy. Here the object is to devise names that work in as many languages and regions of the world as possible. These names are kind of esperanto names…. The other recent strategy is to find GoogleUnique names

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Self portraits after 70s by Julie

If walls could talk. (From Uncertain Times)

TRK-9 Owner's Manual, and many others at The Early Television Foundation and Museum Website

Dancing mania was a social phenomenon that occurred primarily in mainland Europe between the 14th and 18th centuries; it involved groups of people, sometimes thousands at a time, who danced uncontrollably and bizarrely, seemingly possessed by the devil. Men, women, and children would dance through the streets of towns or cities, sometimes foaming at the mouth or speaking in tongues, until they collapsed from fatigue. Rethinking the Dancing Mania

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