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July 13, 2008

16 million Scoville Units of Pure Capsicum

Scoville From the pop-up reviews of Blair's 16 Million Reserve: “As an authority on this hot sauce stuff.. I ain't even gonna mess with this. It's pure chemical capascain, it'll kill you. Don't eat a crystal of this, it will burn a hole in your tongue.. This isn't an additive, and I eat 6am all the time. This stuff is just WRONG.. BUY SOME!!!!! Ask my friend one-eyed joe, who was the victim of someone sneezing while the coke vial of this stuff was open... I know $200 for a milligram of powder seems expensive, but if you ever need to kill someone, you'll have this on hand…”

Pepper Heart from PES. (Inspired by the oldie special defect heart). Also, Fireworks and so much more on the sidebar

Chum Bucket Mints. (From Quiddity). “Moldy Chum”, a blog about “Chum”

Vaffancola, a new coconut-flavored Italian cola drink

(Photograph above by Jim Billups)

A Huge Depository of Unusual Meals and Foods Here

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