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July 21, 2008

10622 Kimberly Avenue

10622_kimberly_avenue Rob Richards is the House Organist at El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. Animation Backgrounds is his blog about Animation Backgrounds

In 1947, Life magazine asked comic strip artists if they could draw their famous characters (Dagwood, Dick Tracy, Steve Canyon, plus more) blindfolded

Boy meets girl at Exterminus. Previously-blogged by Kieron Gillen - Busted Wonder

A visit to Jerry Siegel's old home on 10622 Kimberly Avenue in Cleveland

The Teleporting Cat Trick

Re-post: Many of the 10,400 images that I posted on grow-a-brain since 2/03

A Huge Depository Of Unusual Comics and Cartoons Here

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Love that you shared your pix. I plan to steal quite a few if that's alright. Keep up the good work. I really do enjoy GAB. A lot. It's usually a day trip for me. E.

Posted by: Eclecticity at Jul 21, 2008 6:32:59 PM