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May 12, 2008

Personal submarines

Submersible A Russian man from St. Petersburg got his personal submarine. He built it himself and it is the smallest submarine in Russia, officially registered as a boat by Russian boat registry and has got its own personal name and number. (From Crooked brains)

Other personal submarines:

The Stanley submarines

U-Boat Worx, the first commercially available 1 ATM personal submarine for under 100,000

How to Build Your Own Submarine without repeating my mistakes. by Doug Jackson

The Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat

Personal Submersibles Organization a professional guild dedicated to promote and encourage ownership and use of Personal Submersibles

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Google, Microsoft & Yahoo on the high seas, by Brandon Bird

“…I wanted to write about financial engineering, instead I decided to post this: 1…2…3…Lift-off!”…

More from the Motherland: The world’s largest military hovercraft

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How 'bout cocaine submarines?

Posted by: fixedgear at May 13, 2008 6:07:09 AM