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May 04, 2008

No Laughter

 Andy_rooney_2 Fun is dangerous and it must be eradicated. Join The National Organization for Legislation against Fun, aka NOLAF, the organization that is all about ending laughter & fun. Created by Mekanism and Element79, apparently for Tostitos

The Corona Beach

Out of nowhere, an angel came down and gave me a guitar filled with milk. The story behind the viral campaign, from Data What

Another Rube Goldberg machine that is used to squish a Creme Egg (YT)

What laptop does Steve Ballmer use for his presentations? Also, Young FrankenSteve (YT)

(Gif above from Planet Dan again)

A long List of Links That Will Waste Your Time or that are Simply Stupid Here

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I have spent a few weeks in the hospital and it doesn't take long to get bored.
That is funny.

Posted by: va home refinance at May 4, 2008 8:15:55 PM