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May 04, 2008

Israeli Nostalgia

Lahakat HaNahal (The Nahal Band) was the first, and one of the most successful military choir/music troupes that the Israeli Army fostered. It was known for its canonical “Eretz Israel songs” which have become classics. The band gave birth to many Israeli entertainment talents such as Tuvya Tzafir, Neomy Polani, Gidi Gov and more.

Rika Zarai sings “The Almond Orchard”. (YT). 188 more nostalgic singers, bands & songs from the best Israeli Nostalgia site 1950-1980. (The list is in Hebrew, so if you can’t read Hebrew & you wish to explore it anyway, just start clicking away. Thanks to my sister Dafna for that)

Israeli culture: The sign says: “Ashtray – Do not use for garbage”

Disappearing architecture in Israel. Here is Orot cinema where I saw my first movies. I remember going at 6 to see some western with my younger sister Yael, and it got me so scared, I had to hold her during the chase scenes. Tickets were 37 1/2 “prutot” (About 37 cents?) for a double-bill. In 1959 you could still use a well-worn, tiny paper bill for “half a Grush”

The complete text of Hammurabi's Code of Laws. (From Access the Great Books)

Unrelated: From Black to Blue and Back Again. One of single-purpose Color Field Websites. Missing: Purple. More by Damon Zucconi: Null Event (Tomorrow): 12:00 AM Local Time, Continuously

A Huge Depository of Middle Easten Music Links Here

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