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April 14, 2008

Four Days in Denver

Denver_democrats The Democratic Party is closer than it’s ever been to a political nightmare—a deadlocked convention. Though the odds of its actually happening are still remote, the idea is so rich with dramatic possibility that we asked Lawrence O’Donnell Jr., former West Wing writer-producer, to play out a scenario in movie-treatment form. The premise is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton arrive in Denver, neither having sufficient delegates to gain the nomination nor a decisive majority in the popular vote. And so it’s on

Vote Apathy Party 08 Whatever

Reagan Campaigns for Truman (1948 radio ad on YouTube. From The Daily Dish)

A season of HOPE

Test Your Obama IQ

Also, Jean-Luc Picard Dance Number (YT)

Much more about the 2008 Election. Also, the 2004 election and other Political Posts Here

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