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April 21, 2008

Ten Classically "Neato" Things

 Glass_elevator Getting raised aloft by a kite.
"The wind gusted a bit stronger now, and I soared up a scary five feet before settling back on the hilltop. 'Neato!' I yelled, remembering for the first time in two minutes to take a breath." —Patrick McManus, The Good Samaritan Strikes Again, 1993, p. 208.

The wings on a pilot's flight jacket.
I say, 'Neato!' It's all I can think of." —Sterling Watson, Sweet Dream Baby, 2004, p. 27.

The leather seats in a police chief's Lamborghini.
"'Heck! This is neato!' Jerry Randy said, stroking the leather seats. 'Real Neato!'" —Louis Serra, The Curator's Orb, 2007, p. 161.

Pureed fruit soups with exotic garnishes.
"You can get all sorts of neato-sounding soups . . . like melon soup or jute soup, all served with some sort of neato-sounding 'dumpling' material, like fufu or pounded yam." —Dan Leone, Eat This, San Francisco, 1999, p. 111.

A vintage camper trailer.
"The interior is positively neato, with miniature everything—a real icebox that uses a real block of ice, bunk beds and shelves that fold into walls." —Ann-Marie MacDonald, The Way the Crow Flies, 2004, p. 557.

Outdoor glass elevators.
"We go up the tall, tall Dune casino in a glass elevator, climbing soundlessly up the side of the skyscraper, higher and higher above the blimming lights in grids. I stand close to my dad and we star at the daylight light. 'Wow! Neato!' he says, hands patting my shoulders." —Mike Albo, Hornito: My Lie Life, 2000, p. 63.

A Ouija Board (séance game).
"We would probably never have heard of Peter Wagschal, or of his neato Ouija Board Studies Program, if it hadn't been for one Larry Zenke, a pretty neato guy." —Sara Tulloch, The Oxford Dictionary of New Words, 1991, p. 209.

Three weeks of Christmas vacation.
"'Neato!' My life was definitely looking up. . . . I [had] just been sprung from seventh grade for three whole weeks of Christmas vacation." —Patrick McManus, The Bear in the Attic, 2002, p. 28.

Thin vodka glasses.
"Vodka in those really neato thin glasses in a bucked of ice." —Barbara D'Amato, White Male Infant, 2003, p. 187.

Mombian, a lesbian mom.
"When I was in fourth grade . . . I just thought it was neato. I would just go around like, 'My mom's gay.'" —Janet Wright, Lesbian Step Families, 1998, p. 148.

And a bonus link: Great Wall 360 degree panorama at Jinshanling

(Graphic above by designer Harvey Rayner)

“Neato” as it is known in the “blogosphere” is probably mostly connected in readers’ mind with Neatorama, Alex S’s hugely popular blog. I could have replaced Craig Conley’s suggested moniker with "Swell" or "Awesome", but eventually decided to keep this post as it was written.

This is another post that was composed by on-going contributor Craig Conley of the Abecedarian blog fame. Craig's new book is A Field Guide to Identifying Unicorns By Sound, available in an eco-friendly low-wattage palette. Thank you again, Craig! (All previous co-blogger's posts archived here.) If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details

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Clever and funny. I look forward to seeing more. I'm a long time Grow a Brain reader. Hanan and his friends rock.


Posted by: Jo-Ann at Apr 21, 2008 1:50:08 PM