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March 21, 2008

The Good Friday Experiment

Good_friday The Good Friday Experiment was run by Walter N. Pahnke, a graduate student in theology at Harvard Divinity School, under the supervision of Timothy Leary and the Harvard Psilocybin Project. The goal was to see if in religiously predisposed subjects, psilocybin (the active principle in psilocybin mushrooms) would act as reliable entheogen.

The experiment was conducted on Good Friday, 1962 at Boston University's Marsh Chapel. Prior to the Good Friday service, graduate degree divinity student volunteers from the Boston area were randomly divided into two groups. In a double-blind experiment, half of the students received psilocybin, while a control group received a large dose of niacin. Niacin produces clear physiological changes and thus was used as a psychoactive placebo. In at least some cases, those who received the niacin initially believed they had received the psychoactive drug.

However, the feeling of face flushing (turning red, feeling hot and tingly) produced by niacin subsided over the first hour or so. Meanwhile, the effects of the psilocybin intensified over the first few hours. Almost all of the members of the experimental group reported experiencing profound religious experiences, providing empirical support for the notion that psychedelic drugs can facilitate religious experiences

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As the song goes..."where have all the good times gone". Hippies these days are too strung out. They are too health conscious and read too much gobbeldygook. I feel sad at the whole new rich so called "cyber hippies". What ever happened to protesting on the grass. Now It's...the secret...this...and ....what the bleep...that...I thing the indoor couch potato hippy has taken over. I miss the flowers in the hair.

Posted by: Old Hippie at Jun 26, 2008 9:43:33 AM

I will speak on behalf of all the flower wearing, naked foot baring, protesting on the grass kind of hippies...people are so fast to pass judgement on anyone who is unlike themselves. love your mother(earth) and all your brothers and sisters... we're all family!!! everyone else has just seem to have forgotten that! Thats what its about, not where people reside, or how they choose to live life. :) much love old hippy! i'm 22 and carrying the torch!!

Posted by: kimba at May 18, 2009 10:50:53 AM