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March 05, 2008

Start buzzing…

No_more_grow One of BigDog’s Top Ten on the Internet ..."2. For stimulation of my neocortex and all parts brainy, I rely on Grow A Brain, a most unusual and trippy liitle blog, of fun and interesting things, I can't really do it justice in my descriptions, but it makes me think about stuff, and that's what I love to do, most of all..."

One of 6 Must-Read Writing Blogs ..."While not really a writing blog, Grow-A-Brain has a huge depository of writing and literature links from all over the web dating all the way back to 2004. If you ever find yourself need a break from the ole’ word processor, open up Grow-A-Brain and trawl through some of the fascinating, silly, hilarious, and strange stuff that they’ve collected from the depths of the internet..."

Heiste’s graphic In response to the No More ‘Grow post

Also, One of NuWire Investor's Top 20 Real Estate Blogs. ..."Logging over nine million hits in the past four years, Grow A Brain doesn’t always cover real estate—in fact, it has more than 100 categories tagged in its archives—but it certainly provides interesting insight into the topics creating a buzz online. Israeli born author and investor Hanan Levin specializes in commercial and residential real estate. This site is an interesting read for investors looking for the odd post about real estate, technology, current events and unusual cultural musings..."

A master of blogging… Oh, no!....

Growabrain, the inexhaustible Fundgrube

Do I need to remind you that I have a huge Internet following?


“…Most if not all of what I know about anything that's cool on the Web, I got from…”

Christmas comes early

Grow-a-brain on Superscreen Shot

… One of Blogs that start Buzzing...

Jumping brain

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