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March 14, 2008


Ramune_drink Ramune (ラムネ) is a carbonated soft drink sold in Japan. It is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd-neck bottles after the inventor, Hiram Codd.

They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the marble is held in place by the pressure of the carbon dioxide in the drink. To open the bottle, a device to push the marble inward is provided with the bottle. The marble is pushed inside the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking. Two little glass nodes inside the bottle allow the drinker to hook the marble in place while drinking.

People trying Ramune for the first time sometimes find it difficult to drink, as it takes practice to learn to stop the marble from blocking the flow. Ramune is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan and is widely consumed during warm festival days and nights. Empty bottles are usually collected for recycling at stalls where it is sold. (We drank it at a Shabu-Shabu place in Rowland Heights the other night. It wasn't special, except of the marble)

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you get these in india too!!!

they're called "goli sodas" (marble soda) because of the marble inside the neck. Sadly, with the advent of Coke, Pepsi & Gatorade, sales of goli sodas have dipped. But drinking the lemon flavoured soda was quite a treat in itself, with the vendor opening the bottle with a flourish!

nostalgia.. sigh!

here's some info:

Posted by: Kunal at Mar 14, 2008 2:08:06 AM

Oh man! I used to drink that a lot! I haven't had one in a while though.

Posted by: Doobybrain at Mar 14, 2008 5:02:56 AM

And yet, Japan has much more up its sleeve when it comes to weird soft drinks:


Posted by: WordsnCollision at Mar 14, 2008 2:32:16 PM