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March 17, 2008

Questions for the Lawyer

Napkin_lipstick Legal definition of "slut"?

What to wear to court--lip gloss OK?

"Meeting you was like meeting God" e-mail--admissible?

Bathroom breaks?

Detective's comment re: "If this goes to court, things are gonna get ugly"--good or bad for us?

*Why was rabbi driving on Saturday anyway?

His other e-mails relevant? I.e. "nothing can be whole or sole that has not first been rent."

And: The heart breaks and breaks, and lives by breaking...

Do you take MasterCard?

What is best case scenario? (Restraining order against rabbi? Or no point?)

What if judge doesn't believe me. Who is judge that day?

Can I keep bracelet?

Detective who questioned me--Cute!!--Married?

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Questions for the Lawyer, a story by Wendy Brenner, from Esquire’s Napkin Project: “We put 250 napkins in the mail to writers from all over the country... In return, we got nearly a hundred stories. We present most of them here -- from lush to spare, hilarious to terrifying”...

(Found on Kevin Kelly’s Short is in)

Dear cab driver. Please take me home

(Photo above from Napkin Advertising blog)

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