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March 03, 2008


Obama_mania Marc Andreessen met with Obama in private in early 2007. ..."This was probably one of the last times Senator Obama was able to spend an hour and a half sitting down and talking with just about anyone... right before he entered the 'bubble' within which all major presidential candidates, and presidents, must exist"... His observations & distinctions from this meeting are interesting. (From Numlok)

Perfect. Not perfect. (From 11D)

Hillary’s Topless Bust by Daniel Edwards (who also did the nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn monument)

"Brand America needs a re-launch, and this election is the best opportunity we're going to get."

Obama, the Messiah

Odd_2008_fight Anybody knows anything about the genesis of this odd .gif?

Much more about the 2008 Election. Also, the 2004 election and other Political Posts Here

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Coincidentally, I just read the source of this gif last night. The dialogue is taken from the Neil Gaiman comic "The Sandman." In the scene, the title character is dueling a demon from hell by playing a game of one-upmanship. Obama plays the role of the Sandman and Hillary plays the demon.

Posted by: Cooco at Mar 3, 2008 10:25:08 PM

^^What that person said!

Great series.

Posted by: Josh at Mar 4, 2008 6:14:10 AM

If I didn't know the Obama supporters better, I would say that .gif came from Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage.

But the "peace and light and hope" Obama people are really a bunch of buttheads under the facade.

Posted by: Moon at Mar 4, 2008 7:19:47 AM

I admire much about Obama. I lived in Cook County, IL when he first ran for office and early recogninzed his potential to bridge the gap, but I am truely puzzled and have heard very little about his affiliation with the church in Chicago with which he claims association and that church's alliances or approval with Louis Farrakahn and his message. While truth and enlightenment can come from surprising places, when it comes to Farrakahn we are really talking about some very poisonous waters. Were Obama associated with a church that gave tacit approval to some dipshit Xian wingnut, the left wing would be all over it, screaming for blood. Farrakahn represents the exact opposite direction the communities of color should travel, in my oppinion, and Obama's failure to call him out for the hate-filled superstitious power hungry boil on society's ass that he is, or at least that he represents, is puzzling at least and has led me to change my mind. How think you?

Posted by: doug l at Mar 4, 2008 7:52:43 AM

The concerns that I posted in the above comment, have been addressed by Obama in public announcement and I applaud them, though he kept it issue based and still fails to hold the person Farrakhan responsible for them. It's politically expedient, I realize, an acceptible (marginally) but it really underscores the usavory aspect that it seems public figures must assume in order to have the electorate believe that they are moral...and that is at least as repulsive to someone for whom religion is synonymous with superstition of the worst kind.

Posted by: doug l at Mar 4, 2008 8:15:38 AM

I've lived in CHICAGO 40 years and I live in his district and I never HEARD of the guy until he made that speech in 2002.

Cardiss Collins and Emil Jones sent out little bulletins once in a while but I never got anything from Obama that I remember.

Posted by: Moon at Mar 4, 2008 7:51:02 PM

And WHAT, may I ask is WRONG with peace, love and enlightenment? HUH?

Posted by: Mr. Natural at Mar 4, 2008 8:57:12 PM

That's a funny .gif.

Reminds me of the Tubes' song, except in BO's and HC's case, it's "I was a Socialist Before You Were a Socialist."

If it were a Beatles' song, either one could sing, "Platitude Writer."

Posted by: Bunk at Mar 4, 2008 9:42:10 PM