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March 01, 2008

Stay Klassy, Florida

Osama_plate "Confederate Heritage" plates in Florida

The high price for vanity license plates in Abu Dhabi

A few weeks later the Abu Dubai auction sets a new world record - $14.3M for no. 1

Un-related: The next first family. (From Cryptome)

Some Huge Depositories of Unusual License Plates And Other Automotive Links Here

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It is amazing how much some of these plates sell for. If you collect em right you could send you kids to college...Great post and cool info...

Posted by: Plate Collector at May 31, 2008 2:10:38 PM

A licence plate with OSAMA on it would be like having a "bullet magnet" attached to your car! The US vanity plate system is the fairest and stops the speculation other countries have.

Posted by: Number Plates at Jul 3, 2008 5:02:52 PM

Quite nicely written actually, i like it. :)

Posted by: bildekor at Sep 5, 2008 4:47:55 PM

It is a cool and great site,with lot of information provided.

California Dui

Posted by: sarah at Sep 16, 2008 7:20:23 PM

$14.3 million is unbelievable for a number plate even if it is just number 1.

Posted by: Brian at Oct 18, 2008 6:21:39 AM