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March 05, 2008


Drawing_blank The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to the deadliest war in the world today. An estimated 5.4 million people have died since 1998, the largest death toll since the Second World War, according to the International Rescue Committee. Rape of A Nation by photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale

When I was President. (Both from Ample Sanity)

Public speaking skills are critical to the success of every leader. Here are four techniques you can borrow from the Presidential candidate. How to Inspire People Like Obama Does

How to Borrow Blank Billboards to spell Impeach

His former Harvard Business School professor recalls George W. Bush not just as a terrible student but as spoiled, loutish and a pathological liar

Goodbuy you guys

A Huge Depository of Political Posts, specifically the 2008 and 2004 Elections Here

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Thanks for the link to Teasdale's Congo video. A staggering statistic, 5.4 million killed, but what news source is paying any attention to the DRC? It's not just the people who are suffering either. Maybe this video about the senseless slaughter of endangered mountain gorillas in the DRC will get people to pay attention to the atrocities inflicted on the innocent humans as well. From National Geographic magazine:

Posted by: Marilyn Terrell at Mar 7, 2008 8:50:10 PM