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February 27, 2008

Unlock The Secrets Now

 Unlock_the_secret Steve Wolvers’ “The #1 Agent In Iowa” Unlock The Secrets Now

Nine bloggers active in the Denver Real Estate market give facts, figures and their personal impressions of what is happening in all areas of Denver and its suburbs at All Denver Real Estate

Mack Perry’s Atlanta Real Estate Blog

Pasadena Real Estate Blog by Deena & Doug Willis

Michael Gardner’s Malibu Real Estate Blog

Michael Oliver’s Tucson Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Growth Solutions by Darin & Lloyd Persinger

Realtor.com's Let's Talk

Some Canadian blogs: Blue Mountain Real Estate Blog, Montreal Real Estate Blog, Fraser and Stephen Winters Blog from St. John's Newfoundland, Doug Lasenby's Sarnia Real Estate, the Edmonton Real Estate Blog and Saskatoon Real Estate Blog

A Huge Depository of Real Estate Blogs as well as Grow-a-Brain’s Extensive Real Estate Archives Are Here

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and what about Canada's Greenest City - Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia, consistently voted the top 3 cities in the world in which to live in?

Posted by: maggie chandler at Feb 28, 2008 5:17:34 PM

Woo hoo - now I feel like a rock star! Thanks for the link Hannan and thanks for noticing that there is life north of the border.

Posted by: Marg Scheben-Edey at Feb 29, 2008 10:51:24 AM

Thanks for the link! Hope all is well.


Posted by: Steve Winters at Mar 1, 2008 4:38:21 AM

i haven't been to vancouver in a long time, but when i was there last it was for hockey,, what a great city,,,

rick marnon, novi real estate

Posted by: novi real estate at Mar 4, 2008 5:08:37 AM

Hannan, what a great resource blog for Realtors. Thanks for sharing. I will be back soon to digest more of your great info.

Posted by: phoenix real estate at Mar 9, 2008 10:52:22 PM

Great insights into what is going on up north. I'm a transplant living down here in southern california and sometimes it's hard to get an insider scoop on what's going on. Thanks again.

Posted by: Condo Hotels at Mar 11, 2008 10:05:23 AM

Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful blog......:)

Posted by: For Sale By Owner at Mar 17, 2008 3:17:56 AM

Thanks for the wonderful link. I appreciate it greatly.

Posted by: NewSunSEO at Mar 20, 2008 1:24:54 PM

Wow.. Thanks.. Great to link up with all these sites and time them into my Florida business.. Some of these people down here are too warm with excess sunshine and need some cold.. I'll send them to Vancover!

Great site!

Posted by: thesarasotadeed.com at Mar 26, 2008 10:03:27 PM


That's my site.. I'll exchange links with all real estate sites around the country as well.. Just get to my site and email me and we'll make it happen..

Posted by: thesarasotadeed.com at Mar 26, 2008 10:05:45 PM

Would love for you to consider my blog at http://www.myactualprofits.com/wordpress/ for any future lists. I discuss my real estate developments and investments including lessons learned and actual profits made. Thanks.

Posted by: Terry at Apr 2, 2008 5:47:46 PM

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A commitment to excellence
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Posted by: probate_attorney at Aug 3, 2008 4:55:27 PM