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February 01, 2008

Office 2.0

Graduate_school Here's how the offices of web 2.0 companies look like

Penelope Trunk’s columns about finding a career

Offbeat Jobs From The 30's And 40's

Why I got fired. A collection of disastrous pictures that show why any of these folks would understand

"Don't tell anyone I said this, but ... " More of the Worst things to say at work

Top 30 Tips for Staying Productive and Sane While Working From Home

A Huge Depository of Unusual Job Offers Here

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i wouldn't have imagined craigslist looking like that

Posted by: matthew at Feb 2, 2008 1:16:01 AM

That "docstore" site (Why I Got Fired) has to be the worst interface I've seen in a while.

Posted by: Moon at Feb 2, 2008 9:29:10 AM

I've always wondered what would happen to a double-decker bus going under a too-short bridge ...

Posted by: pam at Feb 2, 2008 9:08:12 PM

Youtube has some funny, great videos of Yeltin. My mother and I watched it and couldn't stop laughing!!

Posted by: Advisor for top online universities at Feb 19, 2008 12:49:46 PM

looks like he really has his head on his shoulders and will see this job as a stepping stone to bigger ans better things.

Posted by: writing gigs at Aug 11, 2008 11:29:13 AM