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February 23, 2008

What do you notice

Cat_nose Metafilter is your new bicycle. So is everybody else

I’m a super smeller - help me

Drawn Comments by John C. Ralston (interrobang)

What do you notice, as you wander through the world, that I probably ignore?

A long list of books written by MeFi writers

...For some reason, yesterday the Toilet Rat thread suddenly rocketed to the top of Google's search results for the phrase...

Please consider the probability that you have blown this out of all proportion and that, in this overblown state, no possible good can come from insisting that you were entirely rational. Your reaction is akin to my starting my own weblog just to comment in this thread. Common sense, like a screaming little leprechaun, dictates that you should step away from the computer, take a deep breath and live to go completely bonkers at another opportunity...

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I notice all the interactions between bugs and flowers in the flower gardens around the city.

It's amazing. One time there was a bug gathering nectar from a plant. He had a big glob of clear nectar. There was a much littler bug hovering behind another flower, in ambush! When the big bug went to take off, the little bug zoomed in (too fast for the eye to see, really) and the glob was gone! The big bug was so pissed off that he flew around for a good 2 minutes looking for the little bug.

Posted by: Moon at Feb 24, 2008 8:57:23 AM