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February 21, 2008

How to Write a Sales Letter, Gary Halbert style

Terry_pratchett ‘Did you know that your family name was recorded with a coat-of-arms in ancient heraldic archives more than seven centuries ago?

‘My husband and I discovered this while doing some research for some friends of ours who have the same last name as you do. We’ve had an artist re-create the coat-of-arms exactly as described in the ancient records. This drawing, along with other information about the name, has been printed into an attractive one-page report.’

I just read that marketer & copyright promoter Gary Halbert died about year ago. He was famous for his "Coat-of-Arms" letter that generated millions of dollars in sales, and produced million copies of direct mail pieces ever since.

Gary Halbert’s newsletter archives

Gary Halbert Copywriting Swipe File

Another sample of a similar style pitch - “Learn The Secrets of Making Better Pizza In Your Own Kitchen Than You Can Buy At The Pizzeria”

Seth Godin Action Figure by Archie McPhee

A Huge Depository of Outstanding Salespeople Here

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Posted by: Andy Michaels' Blog on Internet Marketing and Online Success at Mar 18, 2008 4:04:36 PM