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January 05, 2008

Spill on Isle 2

 Cocacola_company What's up with monocles? Were they an affectation, or did people used to have vision problems in just one eye? Were you supposed to close one eye if you wanted better vision?

ReadMe, a massive Book related collection of about 650 questions from Ask Mefi

The Cheese thread on isle 2 is broken...

MetaFilter International HQ

MetaFilter in the Ruins. When the apocalypse comes, when the world ends as we know it, you can bet someone will be updating Metafilter.

Chronology of the Givewell Train rack on Ask Metafilter December 30

A Huge Depository of The Best of Metafilter Here

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a couple of years ago I had to start wearing reading glasses. having a moncle in my pocket when I go out would be a great convenience. The y should be more available

Posted by: Fritz at Jan 6, 2008 5:11:54 PM